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University of Rhode Island Undergraduate Housing Accommodations

  • The University of Rhode Island is committed to equal opportunity in Housing and Residential Life facilities and will provide disability-related accommodations or modifications to ensure equal access for students with disabilities and/or substantial medical conditions.
  • We acknowledge that certain medical conditions cause discomfort in a university housing environment, but many medical conditions do not qualify as disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Fair Housing Act (FHA), and may not be eligible for housing modifications.
  • Housing accommodations are based on medical evidence of need as determined by ADA and FHA policies and guidelines, and are determined on a case-by-case basis by a team of medical and disability experts.
  • If you believe that you have a substantial medical need or a disability that requires reasonable accommodation, please follow the step-by step guide outlined here.

Housing Accommodations: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follow this procedure for each and every year:

ONE. All students must follow Housing & Residential Life deposit and application procedures for on-campus housing by the published HRL application/deposit deadline. Please see the HRL website for details.

TWO. Communicate your accommodation request, in writing to Disability Services for Students (DSS) and provide adequate documentation of disability or medical condition to substantiate your request for housing modifications. See Documentation Guidelines.  The written housing accommodation request must be received by the accommodation request deadline in order to be reviewed:

  1. Current residents returning to campus housing – March 30
  2. New incoming first-year students – May 30.

THREE. Contact us for an appointment (in person or by phone) at 401-874-2098 or dss@etal.uri.edu). We will discuss your accommodation request and will work with you to be sure that your documentation is adequate to support the accommodation(s) you are requesting.  (Please note [item SIX below]-HRL accommodations may supersede other requests or preferences).

FOUR. Disability Services for Students and the DSS Accommodation Committee will review your request to determine if there is sufficient evidence to grant your request. You will be notified of the committee’s decision by email within two weeks of their decision.

FIVE. If your request is approved, Disability Services will communicate with the Housing Assignments office about the accommodation recommendations so the Assignments office can determine the appropriate space to meet your medical need.

SIX. The student’s preferences for Learning Community, and/or roommates will be taken into consideration as much as possible in the context of providing the medical need accommodation (if granted).  However, Housing and Residential Life reserves the right to assign the student to a space that will meet the medical need which may supersede any preferences or roommate selections previously requested. As with all room assignments, preferences cannot be guaranteed.

SEVEN.  You will be officially notified of your room assignment at the same time that all residents are notified, usually in mid July.


IMPORTANT:  If you submit your request AFTER the DSS Housing Accommodation Request deadline (March 30 for returning students or May 30 for incoming first-year students) the following applies: 

  1. We cannot guarantee that recommended adjustments and/or changes to housing assignments will be available. Adjustments will be made only as space permits.
  2. The Housing Accommodation request and medical need accommodation (if granted) will supersede any preferences or roommate selections previously requested.
  3. Housing reserves the right to reassign you to a space that meets the medical need. The change will ONLY accommodate the student with the medical need, not the selected roommates.
  4. There is a standard HRL room change process every year. We will support students with disabilities in following appropriate procedures through the Housing and Residential Life Office and will make our best effort to secure reasonable and appropriate housing accommodations.
  5. If your medical accommodation has been granted and you wish to select another room or select preferred roommates instead of the medical accommodation, you must verify in writing to Disability Services for Students and Housing and Residential Life:
    1. Your wish to move to the selected space or social situation.
    2. Your understanding that the medical accommodation cannot be met in the selected space.
    3. If the accommodation is required for future semesters, you must resubmit accommodation request materials and follow the step-by-step procedures listed in the Housing Accommodation instructions.

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