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M.A. in Education

Elementary Education Specialization


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The M.A. in Education requires a minimum of 30 credits, to include:

Core Courses: 9 credits

The following courses are required (3 credits each):

  • EDC 502: Foundations of Curriculum (3) OR
    EDC 503: Education in Contemporary Society (3)
  • EDC 529: Foundations of Educational Research (3)
  • EDC 570: Elementary School Curriculum (3)

Specialization Area: 18 credits

You will complete 6 courses (18 credits minimum) focused on expanding your skill and knowledge in Elementary Education. One course must be a non-EDC code. You consult with your advisor and develop a Program of Study around your interest.

Here are two examples:

TESOL (for TESOL certification-all required)

  • LIN 420: Second Language Acquisition (3)
  • EDC 501: Socio-Cultural Aspects of Language Minority Education (3)
  • EDC 516: Teaching Dual Language/English as a Second Language (3)
  • EDC 527: Language Study for Teachers of Reading (3)
  • EDC 563: Teaching Reading to Multicultural Populations (4)
  • EDC 519: Teaching Practicum in TESOL/Dual Language Immersion (3)

Digital Literacy-Certificate (4-course Digital Literacy Certificate)

  • EDC 531: Teaching and Learning with Digital Technologies (3)
  • EDC 532: Seminar in Digital Literacy (3)
  • EDC 534: Seminar in Digital Authorship (3)
  • EDC 535: Leading with Digital Literacy (3)
  • Additional course determined with advisor (3)
  • Additional course determined with advisor (3)

Non-thesis or thesis courses (3-6 credits)

Whatever your Elementary Education specialization area, you will complete one of the following toward the end of your program:

  • EDC 575: Supervised Field Practicum in Adult Education—non-thesis (3 credits)
  • EDC 599: Masters Thesis Research (6 credits)

Note: A written comprehensive examination is required of all non-thesis degree candidates. This exam is taken after all the coursework has been completed.

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