Undergraduate Admission

Admission Advisors

Undergraduate students remain in University College pending acceptance into a Teacher Education Program. We encourage you to make an appointment with the appropriate advisor as you plan your program.

  • Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Health and Physical Education, World LanguagesLisa Giudici
  • Music Education: Atla DeChamplain

Minimum Academic Requirements

Admission to undergraduate teacher education programs is competitive. Some qualified students may be denied admission due to a limited number of positions available in a teacher preparation program. Meeting the minimum academic requirements does not guarantee admission.

Some classes are recommended or required prior to application (please refer to the curriculum sheet for your degree program and/or meet with your advisor to see specific requirements).

The Rhode Island Department of Education has set specific requirements for admission to teacher education programs, detailed below:

GPA and Credit Requirements

To be eligible for admission, applicants are required to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 and a minimum of 24 credits, as well as additional exceptional academic qualifications.

Students with a cumulative GPA of 2.5-2.74 may be eligible for Conditional Acceptance for GPA to the College of Education based on the following conditions:

  • Have earned at least 45 credits
  • Show evidence of a rising minimum GPA of 2.75

Eligibility for conditional acceptance will be assessed during the admission review. Information regarding conditions of acceptance will be shared with admission documents. Students admitted conditionally for GPA will be monitored by their advisor(s) and have their GPA checked each semester until the conditions of their acceptance are met. They must fulfill all requirements of their conditional acceptance to progress through the program and will not be permitted to student teach until fully admitted to the College of Education with a minimum GPA of 2.75.

Transfer students: Please upload your transcript from your former institution to the  College of Education database for GPA admission review.

In addition to the cumulative GPA requirement for admission, please note the following:

  • Secondary Education applicants: A minimum GPA of 2.5 in your content major (English, math, chemistry, physics, biology, history/social studies.)
  • Music Education applicants: A minimum GPA of 2.5 in Music

Basic Competency Requirements

All undergraduates are required to provide evidence of meeting the RI Department of Education’s (RIDE) basic competency requirements for admission. URI offers 3 courses through which undergraduate applicants can meet the basic competency requirements. Please see your advisor to register for these courses.

Summer 2023- present
EDC 281: C or betterEDC 282: C or betterEDC 280: C or better
SATEvidence-based Reading & Writing: 480Math: 530
OLD SATComposite of Reading & Writing: 860Math: 500
ACTReading: 22English: 18Math: 22
Praxis I COREReading (test #5712): 168
Reading (test #5713): 168
Writing (test #5722): 165
Writing (test #5723): 165
Math (test #5732): 162
Math (test #5733): 170
Spring 2020-Spring 2023
EDC 281: B or betterEDC 282: B or betterEDC 280: B or better

Undergraduate students can also provide evidence of meeting the RIDE basic competency requirements for admission through meeting the minimum score requirements from the testing opportunities below.

If your score reports for the SAT, ACT, and/or Praxis I CORE tests were not submitted to eCampus at the point of URI admission, please upload your score report(s) to the College of Education database by December 1st to be reviewed during the January admission review, by May 1st to be reviewed during the May admission review, and by August 1st to be reviewed during the August admission review.

Evidence of basic competencies may be mixed and matched: For example, if you meet passing scores in SAT Evidence-based Reading & Writing, but do not pass the SAT Math, you may use a passing grade (C) or better in EDC 280.


Admission Process

Admission requirements will be reviewed three times per year (January, May, and August) for all students that meet the following requirements:

      • Minimum of 24 credits accrued
      • Minimum GPA of 2.75 (Or minimum GPA of 2.5 with 45 credits accrued (see Conditional Acceptance for GPA) and content or double major GPA requirement (if applicable)
      • Met basic competencies for Reading, Writing, and Math
      • Additional classes as required by the program

Admission requirements will be reviewed as they are reported in eCampus. If you have requirements that are not submitted to eCampus (e.g. Praxis CORE test scores or a transcript from a previous institution), please upload this evidence to the College of Education database by December 1st to be reviewed for the January admission review, by May 1st to be reviewed for the May admission review, and by August 1st to be reviewed for the August review.

Students will be notified once they have been accepted into the College of Education.

Please reach out to Adam Brown ( with any questions.