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Recycling FAQs

Why recycle?
Recycling preserves our natural resources: not just raw materials like metal ore and tree pulp, but also the electricity and water required to process these materials. Recycling prevents us from burying our resources in landfills by keeping materials in circulation. For more information go to the “Why Recycle” link.

What can be recycled at URI?

Please click on www.RecycleTogetherRI.org for a list of materials and pictures of items to place in your recycling bin.

Questions about the Rhode Island Recycling Program?

Click on http://www.recycletogetherri.org/faqs-and-recycling-donts’

I want to help improve recycling at URI. What can I do?
Just set a good example by recycling all you can. Educate others in the benefits of recycling, reduce your waste, and reuse whenever possible. The best thing you can do to help improve recycling at URI is not to waste. It’s much better for the environment to reduce the amount of what you buy, reuse what you have, and lastly to recycle. Think before you buy. Use a refillable water bottle rather than those plastic bottles that waste energy and natural resources. Don’t buy products with excessive packaging. Do you really need your iced coffee in a clear plastic cup, a foam cup, and a disposable plastic straw? Set a good example by using fewer of the earth’s natural resources and educating others to REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE.

Facility news

Get.Facilities, our new computerized maintenance management system for work orders.

Environmental Impact overview of the positive environmental effect we are having on the campus (PowerPoint).


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Read about URI's Storm Water Waste Management Program Plan (SWMPP) and the RI DEM Office of Water Resources Annual Report for URI.

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