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What can be recycled at URI?

Recycling at URI just got easier. It is now okay to mix your recyclables together. No new bin is necessary – use what you already have. (If you don’t have a bin call 874-2840). Your recyclables will be mixed in the truck that picks them up. The new recycling plant can sort the materials automatically.

For easy to understand instructions click on: www.RecycleTogetherRI.org.

For an A-Z list on what can be recycled click on: www.recyclobedia.net.

PlasticsAll plastic containers up to 2 gallons, disregard the numbers and the triangle.

  • Bottles – e.g. soda, shampoo, water
  • Jugs – milk, juice, detergent
  • Jars – mayo, peanut butter, jelly
  • Tubs – butter, ice cream, margarine
  • Plastic take out containers
  • Iced coffee cups
  • Yogurt containers
  • Plastic egg cartons

Empty and Rinse, Don’t crush, No straws, gently replace plastic caps and lids.

No Styrofoam


  • Newspaper • phonebooks • envelopes
  • Office paper • spiral notebooks
  • Flattened corrugated boxes
  • Wrapping and tissue paper
  • Gift bags • paperback books
  • Food boxes • junk mail
  • Paper bags • magazines
  • Paper towel tubes
  • Egg cartons

No refrigerated and frozen food boxes. No greasy pizza boxes.

Glass Containers

Jars – e.g. pasta sauce, jelly, baby food

Bottles – soda, wine, beer

Empty and Rinse, Remove metal lids and recycle both.

Metal Cans and Foil

Aluminum – e.g. cans, foil, pie pans

Empty aerosol cans – hairspray, air freshener, whipped cream

Tin cans – soup, vegetables, tuna, pet foods

Empty and Rinse. Don’t crush cans.

No scrap metal. No wire hangers.


  • Milk • soy milk • juice
  • Soup • broth • juice boxes

Empty and Rinse

No juice pouches or straws.

Corrugated Cardboard

Depending on the building you are in your corrugated cardboard will go into a cardboard compactor, a special cardboard recycling container, or will be co-mingled with other recyclables. Your building custodian will know.

Inkjet and Toner cartridges

Call 874-2840 for a pickup. We will have stickers available to place on whatever container works for you. Just call us when your container is full.

Alkaline and Button Batteries

Look for special battery recycling buckets in your building or call 874-2840 for a pickup.

We can provide a sticker to place on whatever container works best for you.

Fluorescent light bulbs

See your custodial staff. These bulbs can’t go into the garbage. We have a designated area where they are taken for recycling.


Electronic Waste

For old computers, monitors etc call 874-5468. Click on http://www.uri.edu/support_services/computer_disposal.html for more information.

Scrap Metal

We have 2 dedicated containers for scrap metal here on campus. If you are doing a large scale cleanout involving scrap metal please call 874-2840 for a dedicated scrap metal roll-off container.

White Goods

We recycle all white goods (refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, and lab equipment, etc).  Call the URI property department at 874-5468 to place a work order for a pickup.

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