Panel Session I, 11:00am-12:15pm

Transforming Bodily Boundaries
Room 305
Francesca Borrione, University of Rhode Island, English

  • “Donna Haraway’s Biological Metaphors: A Rhetorical Study of Posthumanism” Charlotte Kugler, University of Rhode Island, Communication Studies
  • “The Horrifying Humanism of Isidore Ducasse: A ‘Mis-comprehensive’ Reading of Les Chants de Maldoror” Andrew Merecicky, University of Rhode Island, English, @poetryiseasy
  • “The Transformation of Scholastic Prescription: A Study in the Arian Heroism of Paradise Regained”  Paul Rowe, University of New Hampshire, English

Translating Cognition to Action
Room 306
Nilton Gomes, University of Rhode Island, English

  • “Neurophysiology of Action Anticipation in Athletes: A Systematic Review” Daniel Smith, University of Rhode Island, Psychology
  • “Deepening the Archive: Expanding David Foster Wallace’s Literary Journalism (w/ Walter Benjamin)” Ryan Marnane, Salve Regina University, Humanities, @ryanmarnane
  • “Complex Dynamical Systems” Shahab Ilbeigi, University of Rhode Island, Mechanical Engineering
  • “Heideggerian Trans-temporality in McCarthy’s RemainderMohamed Anis Ferchichi, University of Rhode Island, Fulbright Scholar

Transitional Landscapes: Digital Lovemaking, Transplant Technology, and Liminal Epistemologies
Room 309
Jenny Platz, University of Rhode Island, English

  • “Science, Society and Selfhood: New Transplant Technologies Serve as a Lens for Current Constructs of the Body and Identity” Elizabeth Foulke, University of Rhode Island, English  
  • “When Plug Meets Socket: Making Love in Digital Landscapes” Laura Johnsen, Binghamton University, Anthropology
  • “In Between Knowing: Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man and Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar as Arbiters of Profound Change in 20th American Literature” Christine Costello, Brooklyn College, English and Comparative Lit.

Trandisciplinary Education and Voice
Room 311
Alyssa Taft, University of Rhode Island, English & Library Information Studies

  • “The Alienation of Motherhood: A Call for Maternal Poetry” Katherine Sullivan, Southern Connecticut State University, English, @joyfulbirth
  • “Translingualism and Transdisciplinarity: Some Thoughts on Critical Research Practices” Adrienne Jones Daly, University of Rhode Island, Writing and Rhetoric
  • “Voice, Cultural Identity, and Inclusion: Examining African American Exclusion and Urban Language Issues in Higher Education” Daniela Conte, Montclair State University, English
  • “What is Education?” Thupten Tendhar, University of Rhode Island, Education

Transmogrification: Changing Shapes in Conflict, Community, and Cannon
Room 313
William Bowden, University of Rhode Island, English

  • “Contagion Effects: A Conditional Cause of Political Violence in Ethnically Homogenous States” Lauren Morris, University of Rhode Island, Political Science
  • “The Empathetic Huck: Mark Twain and the Importance of Empathy and Experience” Bernard Krumm, Hofstra University, English
  • “The Literature of the Final Hour- A Form of Poetic Justice: The Culmination of British and American Poetry of World War I” Kristen Vitale, Providence College, History
  • “A Gam Between Blithedale and the Pequod: Hawthorne, Melville and the Idea of Community” Erin Roll, Montclair State University, English, @ErinMRoll
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