University of Rhode Island On-Campus Housing

Additional Housing List

View the additional housing list for gradate students on this page. GSA frequently post and update the housing list to provide up-to-date information to the URI graduate student. Please contact the renters directly via email and/or phone. Learn More

If you want to advertise and/or share information about housing for graduate student using GSA website, then please fill up the form below.

Google Form: Add to the GSA Housing List

Please fill up this Form if you want to add a house/apartment to the Housing list posted in the GSA web-site. The GSA will check the information about the house/apartment before posting on the web-site to avoid any fraudulent activity. Therefore it is required to share the valid house/apartment location with GSA. If you have a @uri.edu email, please use the uri email while filling up the form.  Learn More

If you want to remove the rental information listed on the GSA housing list, please fill up the form below

Google Form: Remove info from GSA Housing list

Please fill up this Form, if you want to delete your house/apartment rental information listed in the GSA housing list.

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