How does my field fit in?

We welcome proposals from graduate students in ALL disciplines.

If you are interested in the conference, we encourage you to submit, regardless if you are sure if your presentation topic “fits” in with the theme.

This year the theme is focused on how our research helps us understand the world. Whether it is understanding how consumers react to different pricing and labeling, how sustainability is discussed in your discipline or focusing on human experience, this research all helps us consider and interpret our world. If you have specific questions about if a topic is suitable, please reach out to the conference organizers at

Below are a sample of Poster and Paper Presentations across disciplines at the 2016 conference:

Poster Presentations:

  1. “Examining Instructional Behaviors for Improving At-Risk Kindergarten Student Vocabulary Outcomes” Chelsea Tucker, University of Rhode Island, Psychology
  2. “Instructional Leadership for the 21st Century: Supporting Teacher Learning & Innovation Through a Goal-driven Professional Development Model” Heather Smith, Johns Hopkins University, Education
  3. “New Perspectives for Old Places: Using the Past to Inform Current Climate Change Management Strategies at Cultural Heritage Sites” Alanna Casey, University of Rhode Island, Marine Affairs
  4. “Simulating Thermally Stressful Events in Cork Brook Using SWAT Model” Britta Anderson, University of Rhode Island, Geosciences; Marzia Tamanna, University of Rhode Island, Geosciences; Dr. Soni Pradhanang, University of Rhode Island, Geosciences
  5. “Mechanistic Studies for Iron Catalyzed C-H Activation” Anita Oppong, University of Rhode Island, Chemistry

Panel Presentations:

  1. “Donna Haraway’s Biological Metaphors: A Rhetorical Study of Posthumanism” Charlotte Kugler, University of Rhode Island, Communication Studies
  2. “The Transformation of Scholastic Prescription: A Study in the Arian Heroism of Paradise Regained”  Paul Rowe, University of New Hampshire, English
  3. “Complex Dynamical Systems” Shahab Ilbeigi, University of Rhode Island, Mechanical Engineering
  4. “When Plug Meets Socket: Making Love in Digital Landscapes” Laura Johnsen, Binghamton University, Anthropology
  5. “Translingualism and Transdisciplinarity: Some Thoughts on Critical Research Practices” Adrienne Jones Daly, University of Rhode Island, Writing and Rhetoric
  6. “Contagion Effects: A Conditional Cause of Political Violence in Ethnically Homogenous States” Lauren Morris, University of Rhode Island, Political Science
  7. “The Literature of the Final Hour- A Form of Poetic Justice: The Culmination of British and American Poetry of World War I” Kristen Vitale, Providence College, History
  8. “Multiplying X and Getting Y: Generation X Young Adult Authors and Their Generation Y Audience” Alyssa Taft, University of Rhode Island, English & Library Information Studies
  9. “No Country for Mineral Rights: A Hedonic Valuation of Tight Gas Development in Colorado” Andrew Boslett, University of Rhode Island, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  10. The Influence of External Noise on Standardized Neurocognitive Assessment: A Roundtable, Physical Therapy, Desiree Santaniello, Megan Donnelly, Katlyn Cleverdon, Anne Luckhardt, Brendan Boyle, Timothy Ramos
  11. “The Creation of a Global Caribbean Consciousness, Away from the Caribbean” Ana Almeyda-Cohen, University of Pennsylvania, Hispanic Studies
  12. “The Prevalence of High-risk Female Youth Recruited Into Sex Trafficking in Rhode Island” Faith Skodmin, Rhode Island College, Social Work
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