DNA Chip

There is NO fee to use the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer for internal and RI-EPSCoR users.

The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer offers fast and automated separation, sizing and quantification of DNA, RNA and proteins by miniaturized Lab-on-a-Chip electrophoresis. All results are available as digital data in 30-40 minutes for 10 to 12 samples, depending on the assay. Qualitative and quantitative results are provided in a single run using a 1 – 5 µl sample volume.

DNA Solutions: Four kits are available for sizing and quantification of PCR fragments and restriction digests from 25 to 12,000 bp in size. The kits are DNA 1000, DNA 7500, DNA 12000 and the High Sensitivity DNA kit.  Sizing accuracy is achieved by normalization to two internal markers along with a high sensitivity of fluorescence detection of dsDNA down to 0.1 ng/µl.  To facilitate your run setup, a DNA Chip Matrix file is available for download.

Electopherogram of a PCR product run with the DNA 7500 chip. This amplicon is 1722 bp in size and is the only product present in this sample
Electopherogram of a PCR product run with the DNA 7500 chip. This amplicon is 1722 bp in size and is the only product present in this sample
The electropherogram runs can be displayed together as a “digital gel” surpassing traditional slab-gel-type results in speed, reproducibility and independence from user influences.
RNA Chip

RNA Solutions: Two kits are available for the analysis and quantification of messenger and total RNA in 50 pg to 500 ng per µl concentration. These kits are the RNA 6000 Pico and RNA 6000 Nano. A Small RNA kit is also available for high sensitivity analysis of small RNAs in the size range of 6 – 150 nt down to 50 pg/µl concentration.

The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer is especially suited for integrity measurements of RNA. In less than 30 minutes, mRNA or total RNA can be examined for quantity and degradation. The unique RNA Integrity Number (RIN) offers a measure of normalized RNA quality to assure reproducible results for downstream experiments such as microarrays or qPCR. A 1 µl sample is sufficient to give reliable results from concentrations as low as 50 pg/µl of total RNA.

Electropherogram of total RNA from bull testis cells (eukaryotic) run with the RNA 6000 Nano chip. The 18S and 28S RNA peaks are clearly defined with only minor RNA degradation. Data courtesy of Chris Card and Dr. Becky Sartini (FAVS).

User supplied consumables

  • Agilent DNA or RNA analysis kits.
  • Disposable pipette tips (1.0, 10 & 50 µl).
  • Nuclease-free water
  • RNaseZAP® for electrode decontamination.

The RIGSC has a limited supply of the DNA 7500 kit that can be used for preliminary tests. Please contact the RIGSC for information on the current discounted pricing for reagent kits and consumables from Agilent. For additional information on Agilent kits and their specifications please visit Agilent’s website;

To make a reservation for the Bioanalyzer, please use the RIGSC Calendar. If you have any questions or problems, call the GSC manager at 874-5919.