Applied Biosystems 3130xl Genetic Analyzer

This instrument is a fluorescence-based genetic analysis system. It is fully automated from polymer loading and replacement, to DNA separation, detection, and data analysis enabling 24-hour unattended operation.


  • Autoloading of samples performed from two microtiter plates; either 96- or 384-well format
  • Arrays with sixteen capillaries in four different lengths: 22, 36, 50, and 80 cm.
  • Automated delivery system for POP-4, POP-6, or POP-7 polymers
  • Argon laser with primary excitations at 488 and 515 nm
  • Detection of up to 5 dyes for sequencing and fragment analysis
  • CCD detection technology and spectrograph for color separation
  • Simultaneous dual-side illumination detection system to maximize signal uniformity and sensitivity
  • Software for DNA sequencing/base calling (Sequencing Analysis v5.2) and for fragment analysis of microsatellites, SNP, AFLP and LOH (GeneMapper® v4.0) as well as comparative sequencing, mutation detection, and detection of heterozygote insertions and deletions (SeqScape® v2.5)