Applied Biosystems 3500xl Genetic Analyzer

This analyzer is also fluorescence-based utilizing capillary electrophoresis for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis.  The 3500xl system uses a 24-capillary array and single-line 505 nm, solid-state long-life laser for significantly improved signal uniformity.


  • The internally uncoated capillaries are supplied in assemblies of 24 capillaries per array, with a built-in frame for easy installation.  Arrays are available in 36 cm and 50 cm capillary lengths
  • DNA sequencing and/or fragment analysis reagents and consumables for system qualification
  • Advanced multiplexing capabilities for DNA fragment analysis with up to six unique dyes
  • Integrated software for instrument control, data collection, quality control, and auto-analysis of sample files for base calling and fragment sizing
  • Average throughput using POP7 and 50 cm array is 264 samples per day for sequencing and 840 samples per day for fragment analysis (GS 600LIZ).