Covaris S220 High Performance Ultrasonicator

The S220 provides automated acoustic disruption and homogenization of cells and tissue samples using focused ultrasonic energy at 500 KHz.  DNA fragments are generated in a highly reproducible size ranges down to 100 bp.  Other applications of the S220 include RNA and protein extraction, chromatin fragmentation and the lysis of cells, spores and organelles.


  • Sample volumes from 50 µl to 10 ml
  • One sample per run with times of 50-900 seconds
  • Average power: 100 watts
  • Sample vessel:  microTUBE with AFA fiber (< 130 µl volume) for shearing 100-1,500 bp sized DNA fragments; miniTUBE (< 200 µl volume) for generating sheared DNA of 2-5 kb size.