Wafergen Apollo 324 System

The Apollo 324 is an automated liquid handling instrument dedicated to the preparation of sample libraries for Next Generation Sequencing.  This system uses PrepX reagent kits to prepare DNA and RNA libraries that are designed for the major NGS platforms.  Throughput ranges from 1-8 to 32 samples per run.  The Apollo 324 performs the following tasks: Isolate and purify nucleic acids, fragment and repair DNA, A-tail addition (when needed), adapter ligation, and size selection with clean up using a bead-based method


  • Throughput: 1 to 8 samples in 3.5 hours or less; 32 samples per day (64 with overnight run).
  • Performs in-tip library reactions and magnetic bead-based cleanups to eliminate DNA cross contamination.
  • Deck has dual 96-well blocks with heating and cooling to maintain enzyme stability for optimal performance.
  • Input material: ≥ 100 ng genomic and cDNA; ≥ 0.5 ng ChIP DNA.
  • Multiple built in protocols are accessed through touch screen operation.