ROCHE LightCycler® 480 qPCR system

The LightCycler® 480 system is a multiwell-plate based PCR platform which is used for highly accurate qualitative and quantitative detection of nucleic acids and genotyping. Innovative technological enhancements in the LightCycler® 480 instrument provide rapid and accurate PCR data generation and analysis. The sophisticated design of the silver thermal block cycler unit, optical system, and software function to deliver high sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility across the entire multiwell plate, independent of sample position. The pre-installed software package includes automated analysis modules for melting curve or endpoint-based genotyping as well as absolute and relative quantification.


  • Reaction volumes: 5 µl – 20 µl (384-well), 10 µl – 100 µl (96-well)
  • Temperature control: Peltier-based heating/cooling from 37° C – 95° C
  • Heating rate: 96-well block: 4.4° C/s; 384-well block: 4.8° C/s
  • Cooling rate: 96-well block: 2.2° C/s; 384-well block: 2.5° C/s
  • Excitation source: Xenon Lamp (430-630 nm)
  • Detector: Cooled monochrome CCD camera (1024 x 1344 pixels)
  • Filters: Excitation: 440, 465, 498, 533, & 618 nm
    Detection: 488, 510, 580, 610, 640, & 660 nm
  • Preinstalled software: Absolute Quantification; Tm Calling; Absolute Quantification Analysis; Relative Quantification Analysis Endpoint Genotyping; Melting Curve Genotyping