Stratagene Mx3005P qPCR System

Stratagene Mx3005PQuantitative PCR (qPCR) allows researchers to quickly and easily quantify nucleic acids for studying gene expression, mutational analysis, disease state, and gene dosage. QPCR measures PCR product accumulation during the exponential phase of the reaction and before amplification becomes vulnerable to limiting reagents and cycling variability. Fluorescent qPCR data provides accurate information on initial starting copy number. Using qPCR, amplification and detection are combined in a single step and in a single closed tube. This eliminates the need for numerous post-qPCR manual steps, and reduces the possibility of introducing variability or laboratory contamination. The Mx3005P system has an open format that allows closed-tube real-time PCR detection with many chemistries including SYBR Green dye and fluorogenic probe systems, detecting up to five different dyes simultaneously. The Mx3005P system supports both real-time and plate read experiments.


  • Excitation source: Quartz-tungsten halogen lamp
  • Excitation range: 350 to 750 nm
  • Detector: Photomultiplier tube (PMT)
  • Detection range: 350 to 830 nm
  • Filters: FAMTM/SYBR® Green I (492nm-516nm), HEXTM/JOETM/VICTM (535nm-555nm), ROXTM/Texas Red® (585nm-610nm), Cy5TM (635nm-665nm) and Cy3 (545-568)
  • Thermal system: Peltier-based, 96-well block thermal cycling system; temperature range 25-99°C
  • Sample format: Standard 96-well plates, 8-strip tubes, 200 µl tubes, optimized for 25µl reactions
  • Linear dynamic range: 10 orders of magnitude, standard curve method
  • Temperature uniformity: +/- 0.25 °C at 72 °C; ramp rate: up to 2.5 °C/second
  • Amplification rate: standard 40 cycle 2-step QPCR reaction completed in 90 minutes.
  • Discrimination: distinguish samples with 5,000 and 10,000 template copies with a 99.7% confidence level