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Recent Grant and Fellowship Awards

Grants and Fellowships awarded by the Center for the Humanities and listed below have been funded from the generous donations of URI alumni and friends to the Center’s URI Foundation endowments.

Grants and Fellowships Awarded, 2013-2014 

Faculty Research Grants

Leslie Kealhofer-Kemp, Professor of Languages, Muslim Women in French Cinema: Voices of Maghrebi Migrants in France.

Erik Loomis, Professor of History, “Empire of Timber: Labor Unions and the Pacific Northwest Forests.”

Ashish Chadha, Professor of Film, “Archiving Indian 8mm/Super 8 Home Movies.”

David Faflik, Professor of English, “Passing Transcendental: Harvard, Heresy, and the Modern American Origins of Nonbelief.”

Josie Sigler Sibara, Professor of English, The Flying Sampietrini: A Novel.

Robert Widell, Professor of History, “Sustaining ‘The Movement’ in the Age of Reagan: The Southern Organizing Committee for Social and Economic Justice.”


Faculty Subvention Grants

Nancy Caronia, Lecturer and Graduate student in Writing and Rhetoric, Effects: Essays on Memoir, Teaching, and Culture in the Work of Louise DeSalvo.

Naomi Mandel, Professor in English, Disappear Here: Violence After Generation X.

Sarah Eron, Professor of English, Inspiration in the Age of Enlightenment.


Visiting Scholar Grants

Linda Welters, Professor of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, and Design, Jonathan Faiers’s “Dressing Dangerously: Dysfunctional Fashion on Film.”

Zoila Castro and Susana de los Heros, Professors of Hispanic Studies, Horacio Castellanos’s “Fiction and Reality: Literature’s Fight Against Violence and Politcal Turmoil.”


Graduate Student Research Grants

Anna Brecke, English, Elizabeth Braddon, Working Culture and the OED

Kim Evelyn, English, At Home in the Diaspora: Domesticity and Nationalism in Postwar and Contemporary Caribbean Fiction.

Sarah Kruse, English, “The Color of Grammar: Cendrars’ Poèm Simultané, Stein’s Tender Buttons, and Wittgenstein’s Color.”

Jenna Teachout, History, The Commercialization of Taste: The Consumer Revolution in Newport, Rhode Island.

Abigail Casavant, History and Underwater Archealogy, “Unearthing Coffin Ships: 19th Century Irish Immigrant Shipwrecks of the Atlantic.”


Grants and Fellowships Awarded, 2012-2013


Faculty Research Grants

Mark Conley, Professor of Music, “Choral Music and Human Rights: Manda Wilderness Community Trust Choral Festival.”

Peter Covino, Professor of English, “Dario Bellezza: Selected Poems.”

David Faflik, Professor of English, “Strong Reading: Culture, Class, and the Lost U.S. Metropolis.”


Sabbatical Fellowships

Kim Owens, Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, “Education en Caja/ Education Boxed Up.”

Andrea Rusnock, Professor of History, “The Birth of Vaccination: An Environmental History.”

Catherine Sama, Professor of Languages, “Correspondence of an Eighteenth Century Venetian Artist.”

Travis Williams, Professor of English, “Dimension and Degree; Literature, Rhetoric, and Mathematics in the Age of Shakespeare.”


Faculty Subvention Grants

Mary Hollinshead, Professor of Art and Art History, “The Last Steps of Shaping Ceremony.”

Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, Professor of Art and Art History, “Re-Generations-An Open Wound.”


Junior Faculty Fellowships

Jennifer Jones, Professor of English,“Beyond Repair:Wordsworth, Consolation, Romanticism.”


Graduate Research Grants

Beazley Kanost, English, “Whose Cool? Directing ‘Truth’s’ Authority Across Gender and Race in Portrait of Jason.”

Megan Martinelli, Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, and Design, ‘”Would Live Like Ancient Greeks”: The Art and Life of Raymond Duncan.’


Grants and Fellowships Awarded, 2011-2012


Sabbatical Fellowships 

Carolyn Betensky, Professor of English, “Translation of Les Mysteres de Paris (from the French)”

Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, Professor of Art and Art History, “Expanding Re-Generations”


Faculty Subvention Grant 

Martha Elena Rojas, Professor of English, “Diplomatic Letters: Becoming a Nation Among Nations”


Junior Faculty Fellowships

Gina Valentino, Professor of English, “Hustling: Work, Survival, and U.S. Literature in the New Economy.”


Graduate Research Grants 

Sarah Naomi Campbell, History, “Queering Trans/Feminism”

Rebekah Greene, English, “Books, Hats, Spoons, and Buttons: Property at Work in the Novels of Robert Louis Stevenson”

Rosaleen M. Keefe, English, “‘AnInternal Sense of Beauty’: Tolerance, the Study of Rhetoric, and Vernacular Poetry in 18th Century Scotland”


Grants and Fellowships Awarded, 2011-2012


Faculty Research Grants

Bridget Buxton, Professor of History. Eric Roiter Faculty Research Grant. “Israel Coast Exploration Project”

Eve Sterne, Professor of History. Jabour Family (care of Paul Jabour) Faculty Research Grant. Blue State Bible Belt: Evangelical Christians in Twentieth-Century New England.

Erik Loomis, Professor of History. “Empire of Timber: Work and Nature in the Pacific Northwest Forest

Ron Onorato, Professor of Art and Art History. “George Champlin Mason Jr., the Colonial Revival and Preservation in American Architecture”

Robert Van Horn, Professor of Economics. “Constructing Conditions for Success: Laying the Institutional Foundations of the Postwar Chicago School of Antitrust”


Faculty Subvention Grant

David Faflik, Professor of English. Boarding Out: Inhabiting the American Urban Literary Imagination, 1840-1860 (Northwestern University Press, 2012).

Zahra Meghani, Professor of Philosophy. “Migrant Women Workers: Ethical and Political Issues”


Faculty Sabbatical Fellowships

Wendy Roworth, Professor of Art and Art History. David and Tracey Maron Faculty Sabbatical Grant. “Angelica Kauffman and Painting History: Essays on an Enterprising Artist.


Junior Faculty Fellowships

Pamela Warner, Professor of Art and Art History. Richard Beaupre Junior Faculty Fellowship. Realist Aesthetics: The Goncourt Brothers and the Language of Materialism.

Karen de Bruin,Professor of Languages/French. Shannon Chandley & Tom Silvia Junior Faculty Fellowship. Sibyll Disobedience: “Superior Woman” in the Early Nineteenth Century.


Graduate Research Grants

Andrew J. Ploeg, English. Mark & Donna Ross Graduate Research Grant. “BecomingUndecidable: Conceptualizing the Numinous Through Space, Movement, and Novelty.”

Mihaela P Harper, English. James Duffy Graduate Research Grant. “Ethical Anomie: Thinking, Writing, Living.”


Grants and Fellowships Awarded, 2010-2011


Faculty Research Grants

Robert Weisbord, Professor of History, David and Tracey Maron Faculty Research Grant. “Racial Questions in the Modern Olympics: The Case of South Africa.”

William Krieger, Professor of Philosophy, Mark and Donna Ross Faculty Research Grant. “URI Program at Akko: Ethics, Epistemology, and Underwater Archaeology.”

Megan Echevarria, Professor of Spanish, Richard Beaupre Faculty Research Grant. “Analysis of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives.”

Robert Dilworth , ‘Telling Without Words: A Visual Narrative of One Town’s Changing Generation.’


Faculty Sabbatical Fellowships

Linda Welters, Professor of Textiles, Merchandising, and Design, Lori Merola Faculty Sabbatical Fellowship. “Dress, Identity, and Place.


Subvention Grants

Carolyn Betensky, Professor of English, Shannon Chandley and Tom Silvia Subvention Grant. “Feeling for the Poor: Bourgeois Compassion, Social Action, and the Victorian Novel.”

Susana de los Heros, Professor of Spanish, James Duffy Subvention Grant. “On Language Ideologies in the Spanish Speaking World: The Symbolic Power of Standard Spanish vs. Regional Varieties of Spanish and its Impact on Educational Settings.”

Jeremiah Dyehouse, “‘A Textbook Case Revisited’: Visual Rhetoric and Series Patterning in the American Museum of Natural History’s Horse Evolution Displays.”


Graduate Student Research Grants

Donald T. Rodrigues, “‘The Phoenix and Turtle’:Shakespeare’s Fuzzy Apocalypse”.

Grants and Fellowships Awarded, 2009-2010


Faculty Research Grants

Michelangelo La Luna, Professor of Italian, Mark and Donna Ross Faculty Research Grant. “Girolamo De Rada’s Correspondence with Angelo De Gubernatis.”

Pamela Warner, Professor of Art and Art History, Lori Merola Faculty Research Grant. “Interior Portraiture and Masculine Identity in France, 1780-1914.”


Faculty Sabbatical Fellowships

Joelle Rollo-Koster, Professor of History, Eric Roiter Faculty Sabbatical Fellowship. “Empty See:  Avignon during the Great Western Schism (circa 1370-circa 1420).”

Mary Hollinshead, Professor of Art and Art History, Tom Silvia and Shannon Chandley Faculty Sabbatical Fellowship. “Auxiliary Supports in Roman Sculpture.”


Fellowships in the Humanities for Junior Scholars

Travis Williams, Assistant Professor of English, Mark and Donna Ross Junior Scholars Fellowship. “Studies in Early Modern Literature, Rhetoric, and Mathematics.”

Grants and Fellowships Awarded, 2008-2009


Faculty Sabbatical Fellowships

Jean Walton, Professor of English, Women’s Studies, and Film Media, The Modern Peristaltic Subject: Bodies, Systems, Flows.

Robert C. Manteiga, Professor of Hispanic Studies, Comparative Literature, and Film Media, The Eye and the Lens: The Cinematic World of Julio Medem.

Marie Jenkins Schwarz, Professor of History, Secrets of the Slave Quarter: Intimate Relationships in Antebellum America.

Karen Stein, Professor of English and Women’s Studies, ?Reading, Learning, Teaching Toni Morrison.


Faculty Research Grants

Timothy S. George, Associate Professor of History, Toruku: Mountain Dreams, Chemical Nightmares.

Joelle Rollo-Koster, Professor of History, The People of Curial Avignon.

Alain-Philippe Durand, Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, “Jorge Amado and Albert Camus: Formative Literary Visions and Prewar Politics.”

Travis D. Williams, Assistant Professor of English, “Literary Form in early Modern English Mathematics.”

Catherine Sama, Professor of Italian and Film Media, “Rosalba Carriera:  Correspondence and Diary of an 18th Century Venetian Artist.”

Mary Cappello, Professor of English, “Swallow:  Foreign Bodies, their Ingestion, Aspiration, and Extraction in the age of Chevalier Jackson.”

Martha E. Rojas, Assistant Professor of English, “Diplomatic Letters:  Innovating Custom in the Early Republic.”


Graduate Research Grants

John Hodgkins, Department of English, The Drift: Rethinking the Dynamics of Adaptation.

Matthew Ortoleva, Department of Writing and Rhetoric, Rhetorics of Place and Ecological Relationships: The Rhetorical Construction of Narragansett Bay.

George Steele, Department of English and Film Media, (Re)Scoring the Silent Film: Music, Modernism, Affect.


Subvention Grants

Mary Cappello, Department of English, Swallow: Foreign Bodies, their Ingestion, Aspiration, and Extraction in the age of Chevalier Jackson.

Galen A. Johnson, Department of Philosophy, ” The Retrieval of the Beautiful: Thinking Through Merleau-Ponty’s Aesthetics.”


Fellowships in the Humanities for Junior Scholars

Jennifer Jones, Department of English, “Virtual Romanticism: Artifice, Artificiality, and the Age of Wordsworth.” Deferred until Fall 2009.


Visiting Scholar Grants

Catherine Sama, Professor of Italian and Film Media

Mary Hollinshead, Professor of Art History

Annu Matthew, Professor of Art

Naomi Mandel, Professor of English

Carolyn Betensky, Professor of English

Grants and Fellowships Awarded, 2007-2008


Faculty Sabbatical Fellowships

Robert G. Weisbord, Professor of History, Black Power and the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

Evelyn Sterne, Associate Professor of History, Blue State Bible Belt: Evangelical Protestantism in Twentieth-Century New England.

Lars O. Erickson, Associate Professor of French and Director of URI’s French International Engineering Program, Global Engineers: Forging a New Professional Identity at the Universit de Technologie de Compigne.

Ryan S. Trimm, Assistant Professor of English and Film Studies, Cultural Value: Transacting Worth in Postimperial Britain.


Faculty Research Grants

Travis D. Williams, Assistant Professor of English, Mathematical Enargeai: Mental Vision and the Rhetorical Function of Early Modern Mathematical Notation.

Judith Swift, Professor of Communication Studies and Theatre, Voices of Katrina: Speaking in the Aftermath.

Alain-Philippe Durand, Associate Professor of French, Film Media, and Comparative Literature, The French Jorge Amado.

Jennifer Jones, Assistant Professor of English, Wordsworth and Italy: Inscription, Graffiti, and the Art of Nature.

Wendy Roworth, Professor of Art and Art History, Salvator Rosa’s Fortuna and the Fortunes of Salvator Rosa.


Fellowships in the Humanities for Junior Scholars

Jeremiah Dyehouse, Assistant Professor in the College Writing Program, Rhetorical Strategy in the American Museum of Natural History’s Halls of Vertebrate Evolution.


Graduate Student Grants

Christopher Jazwa, History Department, Temporal Changes in Prehistoric Landscape Usage along the Southern Rhode Island Coast.

Shawn M. Edge, History Department, Barrels and Bibles: Conflict and Compromise between Whalemen and Missionaries in the Sandwich Islands, 1820-1860.

Blair H. Walker, Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design, Livery in Newport’s Gilded Age.

Deborah Marie Vorse, Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design, Reflections of Modernism: Textiles from the Tirocchi Dressmaking Shop, 1915-1947

Alisa Augenstein, History Department, Construction of Perfection; the history, theory, modern employment, and re-use of domed structures (Sponsor: Prof. Mary Hollinshead, Art and Art History)

Gretchen Cohenour, English Department, Early Gothic Novels and Gendered Spaces (Sponsor: Prof. Josie Campbelll, English)

Sarah Moore, Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design, Fashion Blogs, Fashion Cities: New Media and the Cultural Geography of Fashion (Sponsor: Prof. ?bbey Lillethum, Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design)

Bryna Siegel, English Department, Persistence, Resistance, and Change: Toward a Critical Praxis for Researched Writing (Sponsor: Prof. Libby Miles)

Aaron Tillman, English Department, Magical American Jew: Fantasy and the Portrayal of Ethnicity in Contemporary Jewish American Short Fiction and Film (Sponsor: Prof. Naomi Mandel)

Grants and Fellowships Awarded, 2006-2007


Faculty Sabbatical Fellowships

E. Rae Ferguson, Associate Professor, Department of History, The Lives and Works of African American Performers in New York City, 1950-1980

David Gitlitz, Professor, Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, The Lost Minyan

Naomi Mandel, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Visions of Violence, Ethical Work

Nicolai N. Petro, Professor, Department of Political Science, Will East Meet West, The Role of Orthodox Politics in the New Europe

Andrea Rusnock, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of History, The Birth of Vaccination

Catherine M. Sama, Associate Professor of Italian and Film Media, Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, Women Shaping Culture in Eighteenth-Century Venice


Graduate Student Grants

Piotr A. Skuza, English, Technologies of Identity

Claire E. Reynolds, English, National Crisis and the Nexus of Class, Race, and Gender in American Literature

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