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M.S. in Kinesiology

Specialization in Cultural Studies of Sport and Physical Culture


This specialization is directed toward students who have a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Sports Studies, Communications, English, Sociology, Women’s Studies, African-American Studies, Political Science, or other related fields.

With this degree, you could go on to pursue study in a doctoral program in either the sociology of sport, cultural studies of sport and physical activity, sport management, sport studies or cultural kinesiology. Or, you could work for non-profit organizations and advocacy groups dedicated to improving the lives of all people (or specific historically marginalized populations) through sport, physical activity and other health and fitness oriented organizations.


The URI Kinesiology Master’s curriculum emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the multiple forces and conditions – from the global to the cellular – which influence how and why humans move their bodies in the ways that they do, particularly for those movements we define as physical activity, sport, play, games, and fitness. The Cultural Studies specialization specifically focuses academic inquiry into the social, cultural, political, and ethical aspects of human movement with an ultimate, pragmatic goal of actively promoting, constructing, and transforming sport and physical activity in ways that minimize (or eliminate) social inequalities while promoting social justice.


Core Kinesiology Courses (11 credits)

  • KIN 515: Physiology of Physical Activity and Health (3)


  • KIN 562: Advanced Exercise Physiology
  • KIN 578: Cultural Studies of Physical Activity (3)
  • KIN 581:  Theory and Practice in Physical Activity Promotion (3)
  • KIN 501: Seminar in Kinesiology (1) – must be repeated twice

* It is recommended that students in Cultural Studies select KIN 515

Research Courses (select 6 to 9 credits)

  • KIN 530: Research Methods and Design in Kinesiology (3)
  • KIN 599: Master’s Thesis Research (6)


  • KIN 591: Special Problems plus Comprehensive Exams (3)

* Students taking KIN 591 Special Problems must also complete the comprehensive

Required Courses (6 credits)

  • KIN 478: Sports, Cultural Politics, and Media (3)
  • KIN 475: Gender in Sport and Physical Activity (3)

Recommended Electives (select 6-9 credits)

  • COM 441: Race, Politics, and Media (3)
  • COM 446: Media Theory (3)
  • COM 501: Communication Theory (3)
  • SOC 446: Sociology of Knowledge (3)
  • SOC 452: Class and Power (3)
  • APG 400: Evolution, Culture, and Human Disease (3)
  • AAF/SOC 428: Institutional Racism (3)
  • PSC 441: Women and Politics (3)
  • WMS 400: Critical Issues and Feminist Scholarship (3)
  • WMS 490: Advanced Topics in Women’s Studies (3)
  • Up to 9 credits of: 1) courses in a related discipline; or 2) additional KIN classes;  as approved by the Major Professor

* Choice of electives must be approved by major professor

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