• Kinesiology department hosts high school students for hands-on Biomechanics Day - Students get hands-on experience with the high-tech equipment in the College of Health Sciences’ labs
  • Passion for Fitness Fuels Sam Slezak’s Leadership in National Study to Protect Brain Health - Sam Slezak originally set out to become a trainer for professional athletes. Today, he’s a Research Coordinator at the Memory and Aging Program at Butler Hospital. While working with aging seniors doesn’t come with the bright spotlight of training athletic superstars, the impact of his work is undoubtedly much more worthy of one, with the potential […]
  • Commencement 2022 - Congratulations to Caroline Eastus, Daniel Baez, Kaitlyn Lyons, Jillian Cidras, Shelley Oliveira Barbosa, Kaitlin Millicker, Kendra Graham, and Ray Williamson for receiving their M.S. degrees!
  • 2022 Academic Health Collaborative (AHC) Student Research Award Winners - Daniel Baez (MS ’22, Research Mentor: Dr. Adami) and Caroline Eastus (MS ’22, Research Mentor: Dr. Adami) were honored for their significant contribution to health research with an AHC Student Research Award. Daniel’s research project “COVID-19 restrictions induced higher reduction in physical activity and quality of life in smokers with normal pulmonary function than smokers […]
  • National Biomechanics Day on April 6 - Drs. Susan D’Andrea and Ryan Chapman, with the help from KIN graduate students, organized URI’s National Biomechanics Day to demonstrate how biomechanics is used to better understand biology in the physical world and make contributions to human movement and performance. Students from South Kingstown High School and Coventry High School were invited to experience the […]
  • Lisa Vincent Assists Boston Renegades Win! - Lisa Vincent is a linebacker for the Boston Renegades, who recently won their sixth Women’s Football Alliance title on July 24, 2021. The trip to the championship game was taken in style.  Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, loaned the Patriots team plane to fly the Renegades to Ohio. Vincent and her teammates take seriously their commitment […]
  • How to apply: Master of Science in Kinesiology - Find information on how to apply for the Master of Science in Kinesiology. Information on Applying to the Kinesiology Graduate Program 2019
  • College of Health Sciences hosts Chinese Olympic Delegation - Researchers, professors and sports scientists share information to fuel high-performance athletes
  • The Center for Health and Human Performance - Love it or hate it, most people are familiar with their BMI (body mass index) score. Yet experts agree that the BMI is lacking when it comes to providing an accurate overall picture of health and fitness.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Alessandra Adami - Congratulations to Dr. Adami who received a ATS Foundation grant award for her research on "Determinants of 5-year Progression of Muscle Dysfunction and Inactivity in COPD Patients".
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