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The Kinesiology Laboratories within the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Rhode Island consist of approximately 6000 square feet and consists of six major laboratories: biochemistry, human performance, body composition, bone density, health fitness, and motion analysis.

Biochemistry Laboratory is used to perform various chemical techniques and for tissue preparation. It is equipped with a ventilated hood, 2 centrifuges, 1 microcentrifuges, 2 analytical balances, a Kodak blood/urine analyzer, a spectrophotometer, two glucose/lactate analyzers (Yellow Springs Instruments) and an ultralow freezer (-80°).

Body Composition Laboratory. The BCL houses an air-displacement plethysmography device (BodPod, Life Measurements, CA), bioelectrical impedance analysis (RJL) and Lange skinfold calipers.

students viewing a bone density scan

Bone Density Laboratory has equipment obtain bone density and body composition data via dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) with a GE Healthcare iDXA Bone Densitometer with direct-to-digital, fan-beam DXA densitometer with encore Windows XP Professional based Software Platform. The Bone Density Laboratory also houses a Keiser A420 leg extension power machine with PC and software.


Health Fitness Laboratory contains a full line of Cybex strength training machines, two power platforms, cardiorespiratory ergometers, small hand weights, medicine balls, mats, 9 cycle ergometers and approximately 1500 square feet of open space.

academics_webHuman Performance Laboratory is well-equipped to complete maximal and submaximal exercise testing with a Parvo metabolic cart for oxygen consumption measurements, indirect calorimetry, and pulmonary measures, two treadmills, one interacing Corival Lodi cycle ergometer, and an exercise testing ECG monitor. Additional equipment includes an electronic floor scale, blood pressure equipment, tape measures and a stadiometer.

Motion Analysis Laboratory is a shared facility for the Department of Kinesiology (Dr. Kimberly Fournier) and the Department of Physical Therapy (Dr. Pete Blanpied). Its focus is on analyzing human movement both in patients and athletes. Biomechanical analyses (kinematic and kinetic) of human movement are used to understand the mechanics of human movement and to improve its performance. This facility features a 3D motion capture system (SIMI Reality motion Systems) for kinematic analyses and a forceplate-instrumented, split-belt, treadmill (Bertec Corporation) for kinetic analyses.

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