Tuition and Fees

There is a single tuition cost for the program ($15,000) for all students, paid over 4 time periods.  Fees are also assessed for registration, technology, etc.  Financial aid is available for the program.

Tuition and Fees


Fall Term 2017 (Session 1 & 2)

Tuition – $4,500
Registration fee – $30
Technology fee – $63
Transcript fee – $45
Document fee – $110
Total – $4,748

Spring Term 2018 (Session 1 & 2)

Tuition – $4,500
Registration fee – $30
Technology fee – $70
Total – $4,600

Summer Term 2018 (Session 1 & 2)

Tuition – $4,500
Registration fee – $30
Technology fee – $63
Total – $4,593

Fall Term 2018  (Session 1 Only)

Tuition – $1,500
Registration fee – $30
Technology fee – $56
Total – $1,586

Students will be billed by term. Transcripts and document fees are charged in the first term only. Technology fees are based on the number of credits enrolled per term ($7 per credit).

Health Insurance

University-sponsored health insurance is not available to students enrolled in this program.

Financial Aid

Students enrolled in the online MS in Dietetics Program are eligible for financial aid depending upon need. Financial aid can cover the majority of expenses for the program including the cost of tuition and fees, the dietetic internship fee, and living expenses. Students will need to file a FAFSA in order to apply for financial aid.

You are eligible for a total of $45,353 in financial aid for the program.  This is in two different types of loans – unsubsidized loans ($20,500) and GRAD PLUS ($24,853).  You can review this website to see the differences in the two types of loans. Private bank loans may cost less than GRAD PLUS loans, so students are encouraged to check these sources.

The unsubsidized loan is awarded as a single total award at the beginning of the program.  It can be divided into smaller loans and awarded by term by request.  Please contact Janet Buchanan at (401-874-2266) if you would like to do this.  You may apply for the GRAD PLUS loans by term, indicating that on the supplemental application on your eCampus account.  You may take out unsubsidized loans only, GRAD PLUS loans only, or a combination of both types of loans.

Both loans begin accruing interest when the money is disbursed.  URI Financial Aid encourages you to pay the interest as it accrues during the program if you can so that you only have to pay the principle upon graduation.

Please remember that none of this information will be available in your eCampus account until you register and the bill and financial aid package is created (mid-August).  Once this is listed in your account, it is best to contact the Financial Aid office directly (401-874-9500) if you have questions.  The Financial Aid office also has great links on its website for additional information that you can review now.




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