URI Forum on Campus Safety

Forum on Campus SafetyCenter Director Paul Bueno de Mesquita (r) moderated a forum on Campus Safety on Thursday, 2/6/2014, focusing on strategies for creating and maintaining a campus community that is safe, inclusive, accepting, supportive, nonviolent, and peaceful.  Paul stated that it is fitting that we should remember Dr. King’s vision and dream for a truly beloved community. And that we recognize and celebrate the safety and security that we have on our campus through the work of our security officers, campus police, and the faculty, staff, and students of the university whose personal contributions, be they large and small, make the university a special place to live and work. The panel met to focus on Action and the purpose was to focus on positive, constructive ideas, suggestions, recommendations, proposals for not only maintaining a safe campus, but for enhancing feelings of safety and security for all members of our campus community and increasing the number of individuals on campus who feel they are truly members of and genuinely belong to a beloved campus community. Each panelist spoke for 5 minutes, addressed questions from the audience, then closed with a brief summary statement of their views on campus safety.

Panelists were (l – r) Dr. Lynne Derbyshire, Associate Professor for Communication Studies,  Director of the URI Honors Program, and Center Convener, Dr. Kathleen Davis, Professor of English, Dr. Peter Nightingale, Professor of Physics. Stephen Baker, Director of Public Safety, and Dr. Kyle Kusz, Associate Professor of Kinesiology. Several students addressed questions to Mr. Baker racial profiling on campus, building access, blue light safety alerts, and CPR training.