Thalia Carroll-Cachimuel

ThaliaMassachusetts, USA

(Level I – 2015)

I am currently a Sophomore at Northeastern University in Boston, studying Human Services with a minor in Education and Psychology. My father is originally from Otavalo, Ecuador and my mother is from the U.S. My passion is educating youth. I have been a teaching assistant in various countries, Lagonav, Haiti to a Cherokee Reservation in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. I have worked with this curriculum in two different instances. I spent fall semester off from college working in Chicago, IL and Watertown, MA with the Kingian nonviolence curriculum. Students at North Lawndale School in Chicago come from a community that has been marginalized by poverty, where violence and gang affiliation are rites of passage. I watched the students from this high school integrate the curriculum into their school community in a positive manner, calling themselves “peace warriors.” Then, I worked as a teacher’s assistant for the Watertown Middle School. Our 8th grade classes created six beautiful murals that each represented one of the principles of the curriculum. We presented the murals at the annual MLK Breakfast at the Armenian Cultural Center with students explaining the principles to community members. The murals are now on exhibit at the Watertown Public Library. I am excited for this training and continuing to expand my knowledge of the curriculum.