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Bachelor of Science (Pre-Licensure)


Student Amber Warner ’16 with Professor Hawes ’94, ’02, ’09.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing requires 121 credits for graduation consisting of 60 credits of nursing courses, required non-nursing courses in the physical and social sciences, general education credits, and 6 free elective credits.  The program plan is four years, and courses must be completed in the appropriate sequence. The curriculum provides students with the opportunity to work with expert nursing faculty and to explore the health needs of diverse populations.

The clinical courses include experiences in numerous hospitals, community health agencies, nursing homes, schools and clinics throughout Rhode Island. From the very first clinical experience to the final semester, students will gain the competence and confidence needed to practice nursing within a constantly changing health care arena.

Upon graduation students are eligible to take the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) which is required for licensure as a Registered Nurse.  Graduates are prepared to assume an entry level position in medical-surgical, gerontology, maternity, pediatric, psychiatric-mental health, or community health nursing.

B.S. Nursing Curriculum Sheets

Required Non-Nursing Courses

BIO 121* Human Anatomy 4 cr
BIO 242* Human Physiology 3 cr
BIO 244* Human Physiology Lab 1 cr
CHM 103* Introductory Chemistry (A1) 3 cr
CHM 124* Intro. to Organic Chemistry 3 cr
CMB 201 Intro. to Medical Microbiology 4 cr
NFS 207 General Nutrition (B3) 3 cr
STA 220 Statistics in Modern Society (B3) 3 cr
URI 101 Freshman Seminar 1 cr
WRT 104/106* A Writing Course (B1/B4) 3 cr

Required Nursing Courses

NUR 100* Foundations of  Professional 3 cr
NUR 203 Comprehensive Health Assessment 3 cr
NUR 213 Pathophysiology 3 cr
NUR 233 Foundations of Nursing Practice with Older Adults 3 cr
NUR 234 Practicum in Foundations of Nursing with Older Adults 3 cr
NUR 243 Pharmacotherapeutics for Nursing 3 cr
NUR 253 Nursing Research 3 cr
NUR 313 Care of Adults with Acute and Chronic Illnesses 4 cr
NUR 314 Practicum: Adults with Acute and Chronic Illnesses 3 cr
NUR 333 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 3 cr
NUR 334 Practicum: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 3 cr
NUR 353 Family Health Nursing 4 cr
NUR 354 Practicum: Family Health Nursing 3 cr
NUR 363 Contemporary Issues 3 cr
NUR 443 Community/Public Health Nursing 3 cr
NUR 444 Practicum: Community/Public Health Nursing (C1, D1) 3 cr
NUR 415 Transition to Professional Nursing Practice 2 cr
NUR 413 Care of Adults with Complex Illnesses 4 cr
NUR 417 Clinical Immersion 6 cr
Total Nursing Credits 62

*Pre-requisite Course

With the exception of URI 101, all courses on this page require a grade of ‘C’ or better.

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