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Eugenio Fernandez Jr. ’13

New grad completes four majors to prepare for health care career

Balancing four majors would make most students wince, but Eugenio Fernandez Jr. found a way to do just that, while still enjoying his college years at the University of Rhode Island.

“I gave myself enough time to relax and socialize,” said the Providence resident. “College is also about having fun, not just classes and studying. The best advice I can give students in a similar position is to make sure you put aside time for yourself.”

Fernandez will graduate with a doctor of pharmacy degree, master of business administration, bachelor’s degree in biology, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Oh, and he is also fluent in Spanish.

“It is important to be disciplined and dedicated,” said Fernandez. “I wanted to be well-rounded and knowledgeable in multiple areas of study in order to fully expand the dynamics of my profession.”

Out of the four, he found pharmacy to be the most demanding major, but enjoyed each subject equally.

“The College of Pharmacy delivers high quality academics to the professional student body,” said Fernandez. “The faculty members are innovative discoverers, who encouraged me to integrate an interdisciplinary approach to the study of medicine.”

The Talent Development Program at URI recruited Fernandez while he was in the application process. The organization provided him with financial and academic support, so he could pursue lofty educational goals.

“The University encourages students to ‘Think Big,’ so I did,” said Fernandez, who completed majors in biology and psychology, the Pharm.D. and MBA program.

In 2011, Fernandez received a Black Scholar Award, the Saint Elmo Brady Award, for his outstanding academic achievements in science.

“As a health care provider, my paramount objective is to protect and improve the health and well-being of the underserved,” said Fernandez. “We are embarking on a changing time where health care reform has become more critical.”

Most hospitals are continuously searching to develop ways to improve the quality of life and care of patients. Fernandez understands that incorporating an interdisciplinary approach to the continuum of care during a patient’s hospital stay could help hospitals reach goals and decrease hospitalization. This is where pharmacists come in.

“Educating patients on proper medication use, as well as maximizing their access to medication, should be championed as a top health care priority for our increasingly diverse and aging population,” said Fernandez.

Fernandez has interned in many hospitals throughout Rhode Island. He has visited and presented in several senior centers to educate patients on disease and drug utilization. He is a member of the Psi Chi National Honor Society, Rhode Island Onyx Senior Honor Society, the Student National Pharmaceutical Association, and the American Society of Health System Pharmacists. Fernandez is also a class representative for the College of Pharmacy Professional Committee.

“The University encourages students to ‘Think Big,’ so I did,” said Fernandez.

Out of all his great achievements during his college career, Fernandez feels the most impressive one has yet to happen.
“My greatest accomplishment will be when I receive my degrees from the University of Rhode Island,” said Fernandez.

Victoria Antonelli, a senior journalism major and intern at the URI Marketing and Communications Department, wrote this press release.

May 6, 2013
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