Paramaz Avedisian ’54 Hall

The College is housed in a 144,000 sqft LEED Silver building



Level 1

Level 2

second foor of avedisian hall

Level 3

third floor of avedisian hall

Level 4

fourth floor of avedisian hall
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Meeting Spaces

Belviso Family Student Interview Room

Webex / Zoom Capable

10 seats

Simulation Lab Briefing Room

Webex / Zoom Capable

Seats 16

Dr. Agnes Varis Telepresence Room

Webex / Zoom Capable

16 Seats

Conference Room

Webex / Zoom Capable

14 Seats + 14 extras

Conference Room

Webex / Zoom Capable

9 Seats

Conference Room

Webex / Zoom Capable

4 Seats

Conference Room

Webex / Zoom Capable

12 Seats

Vars Mason Conference Room

Webex / Zoom Capable

8 Seats

Teaching Labs

CVS Health Professional Practice Lab

Webex / Zoom Capable

36 Seats

Teaching Lab

Webex / Zoom Capable

CVS Caremark Multipurpose Teaching Lab

Compounding Lab

General Assignment Classrooms

General Assignment Classroom

Webex / Zoom Capable

30 Seats

Ernest Mario ’63, ’66 3D Visualization Auditorium

Webex / Zoom Capable

160 Seats

Independent Community Pharmacists Classroom

Webex / Zoom Capable

48 Seats

Reserve Space

Avedisian Hall Conference Rooms and Public Spaces

College of Pharmacy’s faculty, staff & graduate students you can utilize our online reservation system. This system requires an account, if you do not already have one request an account through the link on the reservation system home page. COP faculty and staff can book many of the rooms immediately through the scheduling system (identified below), the other rooms and bookings made by students are requested through the system and the request is typically approved within 24 hours.


General Assignment Classrooms Request Form

All general assignment classrooms (105, 170, 240) are booked through Enrollment Services. We have provided an online forms that faculty and staff can complete to make a request to utilize a general assignment classroom. Only faculty and staff can make requests for general assignment classrooms; student organizations wishing to make a request to utilize these spaces should contact their faculty adviser or Ian Lester.                         

The availability of general assignment classrooms is under the control of Enrollment Services they will work with you to try and accommodate your needs. Only faculty and staff can request General Assignment Classrooms. Student organizations should make their requests via their faculty adviser or contact Ian Lester ( for assistance. To make a request to Enrollment Services please complete this form.

PLEASE NOTE: The online form is only for requesting classrooms for non-course related events and meetings. 

Building Features

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    Join us for a 25 minute tour of Avedisian Hall. We start with Katelyn, one of our PharmD students, giving a general tour of the building before she hands off to Beth, one of the students in the BSPS program, who shows you around one of our research labs.

    Instructions: On a computer, use your mouse to rotate the video. On a mobile device, simply move it around and the view will follow where you are looking.

Paramaz Avedisian ’54

The building is named in memory of Paramaz Avedisian a 1954 graduate of the College, his story is told in this video.