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80 Washington Street, Providence, RI 02903 – 401.277.5000

B.A. in English


Dr. Benjamin D. Hagen
English Program Coordinator/Advisor
URI Providence Feinstein Campus (Room 250)
Dr. Ryan Trimm
Assoc. Professor of English
Chairman, Department of English URI Kingston Campus



Welcome to the URI Feinstein Providence Campus English Program!

A B.A. in English gives you the knowledge and skills to be an active interpreter, rather than a passive observer, of the world around you. This world includes the books you read, the films you see, the people you live and work with, and, of course, the city of Providence. The theoretical, methodological, and historical training of our faculty is diverse. What we share is the conviction that close, sustained engagement with literature and culture can be at once aesthetically exhilarating, ethically compelling, and politically transformative.

At the URI Providence Campus, the English program offers a rich and rigorous array of courses in literary, film, and cultural studies. Many of these courses meet the University’s General Education Requirements by developing skills in understanding human difference, reading complex texts, and writing effectively. All of them are designed to develop your critical reading, thinking, and writing skills and to acquaint you with a broad range of canonical and non-canonical texts.

Our program is challenging and flexible; it can be tailored to your own professional or creative goals. Many of our students supplement English with a minor or second major in closely related fields such as Writing; Film Media; Comparative Literature; African and African-American Studies; Gender and Women’s Studies; History; Philosophy; Communications; Art History; or Modern Languages. Others combine their English B.A. with a Secondary Education major, allowing them to become public- or private-school teachers immediately after graduation. Many receive the advanced training and professional advising that enables them to enter first-rate graduate programs in English, Creative Writing, Comparative Literature, Film Media Studies, History, Medicine, and Business Administration. Others go on to some of the country’s top Law Schools, while many find that their strong writing and analytical skills prepare them to enter careers in publishing, journalism, advertising and marketing, college administration, grant writing, non-profit organizations, social services, insurance, civil service, retail business, and NGOs.

For further information about the program, make an appointment at 401-277-5160 or write to benjamin_hagen@uri.edu. You can also view this link.

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