Dexter Training Concepts

For Dexter Training Concepts, business success reflects their line of work: hard work, sweat, and no shortcuts. Since 2004, Paul and Laura Dexter’s eponymous business in North Providence, RI, has used their customized and personalized approach to health and wellness to help clients achieve their fitness goals. With help from RISBDC business counselor Dennis McCarthy, the Dexters developed three years of solid financial projections, which they used to secure a capital investment of more than $1.2 million to open a brand new facility.

Paul and Laura both worked in the fitness industry before starting Dexter Training Concepts (DTC) in 2004. They combined their love and passion for fitness with their experience in business. Laura has a B.S. in Business and Marketing, and worked for Ralph Lauren Footwear before becoming a trainer. Paul has a B.S. in Business Management, and was the director of personal training for Bally Total Fitness for 7 years.

Signing a lease and investing in equipment felt like taking a big risk, but the team’s confidence, personal network, and customized training regimen generated business quickly. Paul and Laura take a holistic approach to training, incorporating nutrition and overall wellness into clients’ plans. Additional marketing power comes from their website, which they update with blog posts on healthy eating, training tips, and other health and fitness information. Keeping the content fresh takes a lot of work, but it provides value to current clients — many of whom have been with DTC for 10 years or more! Fresh content exposes DTC to a regular stream of potential clients to promote further growth.

In 2007 DTC expanded into a larger space, and then in 2016 they seized an opportunity to buy their own building. With the help of a private seller and Navigant Credit Union, the Dexters have doubled the size of their business again — expanding the workout area, building a juice bar, and establishing a spa.

Paul and Laura set high standards for their trainers, and the employees consider themselves a team working together to help their clients achieve their goals. They’ve put the muscle into running a solid business, and a steadily growing clientele is proof of their hard work. Of the RISBDC, Paul said “Exceptionally helpful since 2003! Aspects of business planning and loan approval! I wouldn’t have been as successful without their help!”

A grand opening for DTC’s 6,000 square foot personal training facility expansion was held in September 2016, and we share their excitement about having a fabulous new space to continue and expand the great work!


Dexter Training Concepts
1420 Mineral Spring Av.
North Providence, RI 02904