From practical to creative these short videos, links, readings and content rich sites will provide critical lessons and access to fresh ideas.

  • Starting A Business - If being an entrepreneur has been on your mind but you are unsure where to start, check out these articles which will help you with your business planning, financial decisions, market research, and everything in between.  This can be overwhelming and daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  That is what we are here for!… Continue Reading
  • Business Planning - There are many moving parts that go into planning your business.  Which is why we have narrowed down some essential steps for you and your business planning.  Find out the differences between a business model and a business plan, the key elements involved in a business plan, and some common mistakes made by past business… Continue Reading
  • Small Business Loans and Financing - What better time to start than right now.  Money can get in the way of many people living their dreams, but there are resources out there for you to utilize.  See more information and links to a wide variety of guidance on SBA loans, steps to landing a small business loan, financial calculators, and the… Continue Reading
  • Marketing and Public Relations - Maybe you already have a business or are in the process of starting one, but either way you may still need help getting your name out there!  Marketing is one of the most important aspects of your business.  Find topics and concepts for effectively promoting your business, how to integrate social media marketing, tips for… Continue Reading
  • Recorded Webinars - We are here for you in every way we can be, which is why we have a plethora of webinars offered to you on a variety of topics.  These webinars are offered live which are then recorded for your convenience.  Find out more on social media marketing, marketing basics, human resource topics such as making… Continue Reading
  • Hiring, HR, and Employees - You’ve either gotten this far in your own business that is established, or are trying to gain knowledge on all the moving parts that go into a business.  Find out here on information and advice about hiring your first employee, their benefits, human resources including employees with disabilities, and forms/records to collect upon hire.  Continue Reading
  • Operations and Equipment - Find out here what specific tools you need for your business and how to go about obtaining these.  Learn whether or not you should buy or lease with a specific calculator, how to manage cybersecurity, why you need inventory management software for your small business, and 13 best practices for building solid small business operations. Continue Reading
  • Licensing, Paperwork, and Filings - Unsure of all of the paperwork that goes into having your own business?  Visit these articles and resources to help you search forms, files, and fees online.  This is a way to make sure you are checking all of your boxes.  Here you can learn more about the PPP programs offered, and learn that most… Continue Reading
  • Legal - Find out all the laws and regulations governing your business in Rhode Island.  Here you can see a collection of legal information and articles on a variety of small business issues.  Learn more about business laws, legal tips for your business and startups, and articles for your small business that pertain to legal advice.  Continue Reading
  • Insurance - Did you know that business owners can pick the type of business insurance they need?  Business insurance can make sure that both of your personals and business assets are protected from any unexpected situations.  Find out more on the small business insurance basics and the 13 types of insurance a small business owner should have. Continue Reading
  • Taxes, Accounting, and Billing - Are numbers something that have always intimidated you?  No need to worry or stress because here you can find simplified articles about the self-employed business and taxes, the Rhode Island tax portal, filing and paying taxes, 12 business tax deductions, a checklist for accounting, and common mistakes that make it harder for your business to… Continue Reading
  • International Trade - Does exporting your goods and services to increase profits sound riveting? Find out here all the benefits of doing so while also being able to get counseling and training to help you explore the exporting centers around the country. Learn more about the world trade centers association, market intelligence, advice, and business tools for expansion… Continue Reading
  • Recommended Reading - Reading is a great way to learn more about the idea of creating your own business.  Our advisors have picked out some information-packed books that offer a ton of great information for you and your business.  These include; The Art of Innovation, Six Steps to Small Business Success, and The Power of Habit.  Continue Reading
  • Partners - The Rhode Island Small Business Development Center has an amazing network of partners around the state and country.  There are development centers across the entire country to bounce ideas off of.  We are also partnered with the Small Business Association (SBA), University of Rhode Island, Commerce RI, SCORE, Center for Women and Enterprise, and RI… Continue Reading