Essentially Coconut

The buzz is building for Essentially Coconut, a growing company that is producing high-quality coconut butters at Hope & Main, a Rhode Island food business incubator.

Owner Sophia Gartland attended a workshop at Hope & Main on business modelling and alternative start-up financing options conducted by the RISBDC and Accion, a small business lending program.  Energized by the workshop, Sophia sought out an RISBDC business counselor and began working on marketing strategies, production/equipment issues, and financing options.

Once the foundational work was complete, the RISBDC helped Sophia launch her business and develop a campaign/competition targeting food bloggers.  This project was a huge success and helped Sophia to establish her brand and create awareness of the fledgling business.  The RISBDC also helped Sophia prepare loan application materials that enabled her to secure a $5,000 loan from Accion.

Sophia, who is excited to continue working with the RISBDC as her business expands, will use the loan to purchase a new nut grinder for more streamlined production and to expand her marketing program.



Owner:  Sophia Gartland

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691 Mains Street                               Web:

Warren, RI 02885