Animal Projects

Why does 4-H have animal projects?

Our animal science projects are meant to teach science to youth in an inviting hands on way!  4-Hers learn biology, physiology, nutrition, husbandry, agribusiness, entrepreneurship, record-keeping, communications and responsibility.  Summer fairs and other opportunities are available for youth to show what they have learned, gain recognition for their work and have fun with friends.  Rhode Island 4-Hers can participate in four local fairs and also in the Big E. Youth do not necessarily have to own their own animals.  Many of our 4-Hers manage (borrow) and animal from a local farmer, a neighbor or a family member and work on training that animal.  If you are interested in showing animal go to our Summer Fairs pages to make sure you make all deadlines and requirements. Below you will find information on specific species.

Horse face

Level UP! Veterinary Science Program


The URI 4-H Horse Program engages youth in equine science and horsemanship. No experience necessary!

In addition to our state shows, we offer hippology and judging events, clinics, non-riding volunteer opportunities, and fun club activities. Check out the following ways you can get involved:



  • Ohio State Manual
  • Small Ruminant Production, Medicine and Management Book

Working Steer

  • Ohio State Beef Resource Handbook
  • Big E Agriculture Working Steer Packet