Noah Hallisey, PhD Candidate

Research: Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, Coastal Resilience, Coastal Hazard Impact Modeling, Disaster Risk Reduction
Background: I completed my BS in Environmental Earth Sciences at Eastern Connecticut State University in 2018 and an MSc in Biological and Environmental Sciences at University of Rhode Island in 2021. I also have a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing and another in Science Writing and Rhetoric from URI.

I’m a PhD student in the Marine Affairs Coastal Resilience Lab (MARCL) advised by Dr. Austin Becker. I am interested in researching how geospatial tools and technologies can be used to support bottom-up approaches for assessing and enhancing community resilience. Before joining the Marine Affairs program, I worked with Dr. Becker on developing a Participatory Action Research approach to capture critical infrastructure managers concerns about hurricanes and nor’easters in Providence. We also developed a methodology for mapping coastal infrastructure that can be used for conducting regional risk assessment and for coastal planning and management. I also work for the Office of Innovation in General Education supporting student learning outcome assessment for the General Education program at the URI. Outside of my research, I am an avid endurance bicyclist and race endurance mountain bike and cyclocross. I also host weekly group bike rides around Rhode Island through a bike group I created called “Gravel Bike Rhode Island”.