Prof. Becker and Duncan McIntosh invited experts at USACE/NOAA resilience workshop in Mobile, AL

Austin and Duncan at Mobile

Prof. Becker and MAF PhD student Duncan McIntosh participated as invited experts in the 2-day Mobile Bay Joint Agency Resilience Workshop at NOAA’s Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center in Mobile, AL. They helped facilitate workshop sessions designed to inform a Corps of Engineers resilience assessment methodology. Local stakeholders tested and refined methods for quantifying water resource infrastructure engineering (ENG), ecosystem (ECO), and community (COM) infrastructure resilience to coastal storms. They identified critical functions and critical needs and performance and recovery goals for ENG, ECO, and COM infrastructure  resilience in Mobile Bay. Further, participants worked to establish relative importance of critical functions and critical needs. The results of the workshop will provide data and experience for review by the National Academies of Science’s Transportation Research Board in a follow-on peer-review workshop.