Final Exam Schedule – Kingston

Spring 2024

Kingston Campus and Nursing Education Center Campus

Your final exams should be administered according to the schedule below unless a change has been requested through the department chair and scheduled by the Enrollment Services Scheduling area.

How to find your exam meeting time:

  1. In the exam grid below, locate the time your class meets during the semester. If your scheduled class meeting time is not listed, contact Ken Sisson at 401.874.4480 to verify the examination date and time.
  2. The left column is the day of your exam.
  3. The top row is the time of your exam.

Exam DateExam Time
Tues. April 30 & Wed. May 1Reading DaysReading DaysReading DaysReading Days
Thurs. May 2TR 9:30TR 11TR 2TR 3:30, TR 4, 
TR 4:30, R 4-6:45,
R 6#
Fri. May 3MWF 10MWF 11MWF 12Common Exam
Mon. May 6MWF 9MWF 1MWF 3, MW 3:30MWF 4, MW 4:30,
M 4-6:45, M 6#
Tues. May 7TR 8TR 12:30Common ExamTR 5, TR 5:30,
T 4-6:45, T 6#
Wed. May 8MWF 8MWF 2Common ExamMW 5, MW 5:30
W 4-6:45, W6#
# Evening exam time frames for courses meeting on or after 6pm.

Note for Faculty: Both face to face and synchronous online courses with final exams must administer final exams according to the final exam schedule. Asynchronous online courses do not have a scheduled final exam timeslot and therefore should use an asynchronous assessment if administering a final exam. If your course is offered online synchronously and you are having a final exam, the exam needs to be administered online. Please do not request an in-person final exam room for any online courses.

Information for Athletes

The University policy regarding participation in athletic events during the final exam period can be found here in the University Manual.

If there are changes to the exam schedule they will be posted below.

Exam DateClass TimeExam Time
Thurs. May 2TR 9:308:00am-10:00am
EGR 106Sec 09BLSS 110
EGR 106Sec 10BLSS 210
Thurs. May 2TR 1111:30am-1:30pm
EGR 106Sec 11BLSS 190
Thurs. May 2TR 23:00pm-5:00pm
Thurs. May 2TR:3:30, TR4, TR4:30, R4-6:45, R6#6:30pm-8:30pm
Fri. May 3MWF 108:00am-10:00am
CHE 574Sec 01ENGR 010C
Fri. May 3MWF 1111:30am-1:30pm
Fri. May 3MWF 123:00pm-5:00pm
Fri. May 3Common Exam6:30pm-8:30pm
ACC 301Sec 01 & 02BALL 115
BAI 109Sec 01-04QUIN AUD
BAI 111Sec 01, 02 & 04CBLS 010
BAI 311Sec 05, 06 & 08CHAF 273
ECN 202Sec 04 & 06 & 10 & 11WHTE 113
ECN 328Sec 01 & 02QUIN 104
MCE 348Sec 01 & 02WHTE 205
MTH 101Sec 01 & 02BUPR 100
MTH 131Sec 01-12EDWS AUD
MTH 142Sec 01-07CHAF 271
MTH 180Sec 03SWAN 203
PHY 203Sec 01 & 03EAST AUD
SPA 325Sec 01 & 02SWAN 313
Mon. May 6MWF 98:00am-10:00am
NUR 233Sec 01 & 02WHTE 113
Mon. May 6MWF 111:30am-1:30pm
Mon. May 6MWF 3, MW 3:303:00pm-5:00pm
ACC 402Sec 01CBLS 010
AVS 443Sec 01RNGR 404
CHM 391Sec 01CHAF 273
NUR 213Sec 01WHTE 205
Mon. May 6MWF 4, MW 4:30, M4-6:45, M6#6:30pm-8:30pm
Tues. May 7TR 88:00am-10:00am
Tues. May 7TR 12:3011:30-1:30pm
Tues. May 7Common Exam3:00pm-5:00pm
ACC 201Sec 03 & 04CBLS 010
ACC 302Sec 01 & 02CHAF 275
CHM 112Sec 02 & 05BUPR 100
CHN 112/112HSec 01SWAN 213
CHN 312/312HSec 01SWAN 209
CHN 412Sec 01 & 02SWAN 211
ECN 306Sec 01 & 02SWAN 309
ELE 481Sec 01PHMC 170
MCE 366Sec 01 & 02WHTE 205
MTH 103Sec 01-07EDWS AUD
MTH 107Sec 01 & 03EAST AUD
MTH 111Sec 01-03PAST 124
MTH 141Sec 01-06CHAF 271
Tues. May 7TR5, TR5:30, T4-6:45, T6#6:30pm-8:30pm
Wed. May 8MWF88:00am-10:00am
NUR 243Sec 01 & 02WHTE 113
Wed. May 8MWF 211:30am-1:30pm
Wed. May 8Common Exam3:00pm-5:00pm
ACC 201Sec 01 & 02CBLS 010
ACC 202Sec 01 & 09WHTE 205
ACC 202Sec 03 & 05BUPR 105
Wed. May 8MW5, MW5:30, W4-6:45, W6#6:30pm-8:30pm
CMD 273Sec 01CHAF 277
MCE 262Sec 01CHAF 273