Management, B.S.

All enterprises need great managers skilled in directing business operations and in leading people. Through a comprehensive course of study, this degree program offers you these competencies, preparing you to take on a management position in a variety of disciplines across multiple industries. In the management major, you will learn about human resources, leadership, entrepreneurship, organizational design, and more.

UCAS Advisors

The first champions on your academic journey are professional academic advisors in Roosevelt Hall. Academic advisors provide insight on courses to keep you on track within your major. To make an appointment with your academic advisor, log on to Starfish.

Academic Advisor

College of Business


Academic Advisor

College of Business


Academic Advisor

College of Business


College of Business Advisors

Once you have met the requirements of your degree program, you will transition from University College to your Degree College. You will meet a new team of advisors to support you on your academic journey.

Kathleen Conlon

Senior Academic Advisor - Junior and Senior

College of Business


Curriculum Sheets

Management – General

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Management – People Track


Curriculum Sheet Notice:

Use the Curriculum Sheet that matches the year you started at URI.  If you started at URI in fall 2019, select the 2019 sheet.  If you started in spring 2021, select the 2020 sheet.

Major Entry Requirements

  • Complete 42 units with an overall minimum GPA of 2.50.
  • Complete BAI 111, ACC 201, BAI 210 and ECN 201 with a GPA of at least 3.00
    Complete BAI 111, ACC 201, ACC 202, BAI 210 and ECN 201 and 202 with a GPA of at least 2.70.
  • Complete URI 101.