URI Greenhouses operate as a cost center with a limited amount of bench space available.  All watering of greenhouse plants is the responsibility of individual users.  Because the greenhouse is self-service, users must ensure the care of their own plants. In addition, users should make every effort to keep weeds under their benches to a minimum.

As a university facility, researchers and educators receive top priority for space. Their projects may have unique needs such as supplemental lighting, shade cloth, whitewash, special protocols, etc. and greenhouse space will be assigned to priority users based on those needs. Although greenhouse staff will do their best to avoid space conflicts, users occupying space needed by priority users will be required to move their plants temporarily or permanently.

The Greenhouse Growth Chamber Facility provides environmental growth chambers and incubators to CELS and the greater URI community for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates to conduct research when a highly controlled experimental environment is required.