Hannah Beaucaire ’22

Criminology and Criminal Justice and Political Science

Project title
“Stories Stuck in Solitary: Advocating Digitally for Solitary Confinement Reform”

Project description
Recently Maine’s Department of Corrections implemented extensive solitary confinement reforms in the wake of ethical and legal concerns regarding the practice. In this project, Hannah documented the short and long-term effects of solitary confinement in order to understand and explain why these reforms are so important. She used anecdotal stories from those who have spent time in solitary confinement and translated them into digital content, creating a platform to serve as an educational and advocacy tool for future reform.

Faculty Mentor
Dr. Natalie Pifer, Criminology and Criminal Justice

“As part of my project I used social media to share my work and bring to light the issues related to my research subject. Combined, my videos were viewed a couple thousand times, and I hope someone watching was inspired to do something similar, and bring awareness to something they are passionate about.”