Johanna Brooks-Tait ’25

Johanna Brooks-Tait ’25, a Global Language & Area Studies major, is a recent transfer student with a focus on the study of Ancient Greek. Despite her short time as a Rhody Ram, Johanna has wasted no time getting involved on campus and has already immersed herself in various clubs and organizations. 

Why did you choose URI?

I transferred to URI as a rising junior from a school in Maine. The vast amount of majors and opportunities, as well as the vibrant campus energy really drew me in. I am also a native Rhode Islander, so the proximity to home and the in-state tuition definitely influenced my decision.  

Why did you choose to study Global Language & Area Studies?

Initially, I chose to study Global Language & Area Studies because of an interest in linguistics –– etymology, how language influences culture & society, and vice versa –– and studying the Western foundational languages of Ancient Greek and Latin provides a solid background for my study of language. Now that I’m in my second semester, I realized that my major opens up many more career options than I had initially thought.

What classes are you currently taking? Which is the most interesting to you?

Other than Greek, I am taking a nutrition basics class, a philosophy class focused on East Asian philosophies, and an English class on grammar. Currently, I find my nutrition class the most interesting –– I recently developed a gluten intolerance out of seemingly nowhere, and taking this class has helped me better understand the inner workings of my body in a way that I likely would never have learned. 

Do you feel like the classes you’ve taken have helped you advance your knowledge of global languages?

In the fall semester, I took a Language and Culture studies class, which significantly broadened my understanding of how culture develops and grows. This class also had a unit on linguistics which gave me a really solid introduction to the topic! I have been able to apply both of these concepts to my Greek studies this semester.

What are your career goals?

I would like to do archival work –– whether that be art, historical records, or literature. I also have a strong background in art and art history, having obtained my associates degree from Maine College of Art & Design. 

By Kylie Engleman