Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology


The Marine Biology Program allows students to explore the vast world of marine biology while providing an important foundation in modern biological sciences, chemistry, math, physics, and oceanography. We encourage an interdisciplinary approach that could include study in other marine-related areas, such as aquaculture and fisheries, geology and geological oceanography, marine affairs, marine environmental economics, marine archaeology, oceanography, history and literature, and ocean engineering. Students majoring in marine biology may also choose to complete a minor or double major and participate in the URI Honors Program.

In addition to providing an opportunity to take upper-level courses in various aspects of marine biology, the curriculum is designed to give students a firm foundation in modern biological sciences, thus keeping doors open for a broad range of career opportunities. Undergraduate courses in marine biology taught by CELS faculty and courses offered Graduate School of Oceanography faculty are held on URI’s Kingston campus. Undergraduates have access to the facilities on the Bay Campus of the Graduate School of Oceanography through jobs and internships in research laboratories and aquarium facilities.

The program involves over 200 students in the B.S. Marine Biology degree program, administered by the Department of Biological Sciences. Most of our students are from out-of-state and around the world (Germany, Phillipines, India, Netherlands, Mexico, and China). The curriculum is designed for students who plan to work in marine biology, marine ecology, biological oceanography, marine conservation, marine education, or related fields at a professional level, and those who wish to apply their training to a wide range of other careers.