Welcome from the Assistant Vice President, Financial Strategy & Planning

The Budget & Financial Planning Office at the University of Rhode Island was created to serve the community of the University of Rhode Island, Office of Postsecondary Education, Board of Education, Council of Postsecondary Education and the Executive and Legislative branches of the State of Rhode Island.

In accordance with the President’s Transformational Goals and the Academic Plan, the department’s mission is to plan and manage the institution’s available financial resources as efficiently and effectively as possible and to forecast revenues and expenditures as accurately as possible in order to optimize financial resource allocation and utilization in support of the University’s education, research and public service mission.

We maintain a high standard of knowledge, expertise, service, ethics and professional integrity while providing sound counsel in the financial planning and decision making process of the University.

We are staffed by financial professionals who have the requisite knowledge, skills and training to assist University personnel at all levels in the budget process. This expertise ensures that budget and financial decisions will be made in the best interest of the University and is in compliance with the General Laws of the State of Rhode Island, Board of Education budget process, State of Rhode Island budget process and University policies.

We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions. Please submit your question, comment and/or suggestion to the Budget & Financial Planning Office.


John Poehlmann
Assistant Vice President, Financial Strategy & Planning
Budget & Financial Planning Office
University of Rhode Island



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