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Business Internship FAQs

Internships offer you a great opportunity to learn by doing, explore career directions, and connect your classroom experience to the workplace. Most interns report internships as a highlight of their academic experience, and many of our students complete more than one internship.

What is an internship? Internships are defined as paid or unpaid work in a professional business setting related to a student’s major and interests. Internships take place during an academic semester or the summer.

How do I find an internship? Meet with CBA Experiential Education Coordinator Lynne Finnegan to develop a strategy for identifying and applying for potential internships. To investigate internship possibilities, you can login to RhodyNet, the URI online Internship/job search database. The following online resources may also be helpful.

Are all internships in Rhode Island? No. While there are many excellent opportunities in Rhode Island, there are other possibilities in New England, New York, New Jersey, all over the United States, and even internationally.  International internships may be difficult to locate and may involve program participation and significant costs. To find more information contact the URI Study Abroad Office. Excellent internships throughout most of the United States can be found using Internet resources, your own contacts, and alumni connections through events such as CBA’s Alumni Career Day. The trick is to get started on this broader search early—usually starting in the fall before the summer you wish to intern.

Credit or not? Paid or unpaid? What should I consider? Explore all your options before you decide what type of internship is best suited to your needs. Some of the best internships are not paid but may provide a wonderful experience. Others may offer a small stipend or an hourly wage. There are specific requirements students must fulfill to receive academic credit for an internship. It is possible to be paid and receive credit for an internship.

Applying for a Business Internship

1. Write a resume and cover letter and have it reviewed by a professional:

2. Send your resume and cover letter to the contact person listed for the internship/job.

  • Email is most common. Attach your resume and cover letter as PDF documents. Make sure you write a short note, as email text, indicating the position you are applying for and referencing your resume/cover letter as attachments.
  • Depending on the organization, you may be required to submit an online application. Make sure to follow application instructions carefully.
  • Fax or snail mail is used occasionally.

3. If you have not received a response within one week, follow-up by email or telephone after sending your resume/cover letter. Avoid getting discouraged. Finding an internship is like conducting a mini job search. It takes time and hard work.

If you would like to learn more about applying for an internship or set up an appointment, please contact CBA Experiential Education Coordinator Lynne Finnegan at, Room 315 Ballentine Hall.

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