The College of Business research seeks to generate sustainable value for business and society.

Faculty focus their research on emerging issues with tremendous impact, addressing such topics as human-technology interactions, globalization, and climate change. The research is then brought to life in the classroom, amplifying the learning experience.

The College of Business hosts frequent brownbag seminars where faculty members will share their research projects to discuss with colleagues from the URI community. 2023 Schedule is Sept. 22, Oct. 6 & 20, Nov. 3 & 17, Dec. 8 & 15. All seminars are hosted in the Ballentine LAN Conference Room form 2-4pm.

Research Areas

Current Research

  • Emily Fischer standing in a warehouse wearing a yellow vest A mission to end malnutrition - Emily Fischer, B.S. ’20, M.B.A. ’21, listened intently to the human resources representative’s presentation on Edesia, a Rhode Island-based food manufacturer working to end global malnutrition. At the time, Fischer was an M.B.A. student in an organizational behavior class at URI. Working for a social enterprise was something Fischer was interested in, but, in her […]
  • Michael Ice Five Questions with: Michael Ice - What are the factors that caused the initial failure of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank and the ripple effects?  SVB is a somewhat unique bank in that its client base is extremely concentrated in the startup tech space in Silicon Valley. The customers have seen a large influx of cash over recent years and […]
  • Blockchain Technology and its Relationships to Sustainable Supply Chain Management - This new research paper examines blockchain technology and smart contracts are critically examined with potential application to supply chain management.
  • Are Lottery-Like Stocks Overvalued in Markets That Have No Lotteries? - Dr. Shingo Goto and Ph.D. candidate, Saad Alshammariab examine how lottery-like stocks are valued in Saudi Arabia where stock trades are dominated by Muslim individuals who have never experienced gambles/lotteries.

Research Centers

“Research is critical to the identity of the College of Business at the University of Rhode Island, providing valuable insights that transform the way we see the world. Our research not only serves as a tool for educating the entire student population but also as a valued resource for business and society.”
Professor Christy Ashley, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs