Job Shadowing Program, J-Term Opportunity

The University of Rhode Island College of Business Shadowing program is an excellent way to introduce our students to various career opportunities, while allowing companies to recruit new talent. The program is in person with possible options for virtual based on company and student preferences. 

This half day shadowing program offers current URI College of Business students the opportunity to accompany corporate partners on the job in order to learn more about different professional fields. Students spend time meeting employers in the field with open discussions and possible tours of the company.

View A Typical Day

business students sitting at tables listening to a presenter from the company Job Lot

Employer Benefits 

  • Branding → This is a great opportunity for businesses to market themselves to our students. Employers will present their professional recognition and make students aware of the potential opportunities within the company. 
  • Recruiting New Talent → Employers will get first hand insight to the new wave of fresh business students who are up to date with changes in industries and eager to showcase their skills. 
  • Build Relationships → Not only do companies who participate in the shadowing program build relationships with students, they also build a relationship with the university. These companies are invited back to events at the College of Business, such as the Career Fair, in order to recruit new talent. 

business students standing in a factory building listening to a speaker


Student Benefits

  • Networking → Students are able to connect with professionals in a career path they are interested in and begin those meaningful relationships that may help them land a job in the future. 
  • Professional Communication Development → It is critical our students develop skills to communicate in a professional manner to strengthen their confidence in a new industry. The shadowing experience helps prepare students to be more comfortable in a corporate setting in the future. 
  • Explore Careers → Students are able to shadow at companies they are interested in working with, or may not have previous knowledge on. The program helps students get a better understanding of the day to day responsibilities they may have. 

For More Information and Questions Please Contact: Jessica Linicus,
Assistant Director of Employer Relations at the URI College of Business