Anis Triki

  • Associate Professor
  • Accounting
  • Phone: 401.874.2387
  • Email:
  • Office Location: 312, Ballentine


Brief CV


University of Central Florida
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Accounting)
Dissertation: Three Studies Examining Nonprofessional Investors’Decision Making

Brock University
Master of Science in Management (Accounting)
Thesis: Accountants’ Ethical Sensitivity                 

Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Science (Accounting)

Selected Publications

Fehrenbacher, D., Triki., A., & Weisner, M. M. (forthcoming). Can Multitasking Influence Professional Skepticism? Accounting & Finance.

Dill, A., Triki, A., & Westin, S. (Forthcoming). Towards an Understanding of the Dark Triad, Ethical Fading, and Ethicality of Behavior. Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research.

Triki, A. (2019).  Examining the Effect of Deception Detection Decision Aids on Investors’ Perceptions of Disclosure Credibility and Willingness to Invest. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems.

Arnold, V., & Triki, A. (2018). Use of student and online participants in Behavioral Accounting Research. In T. Libby & L. Thorne (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Behavioral Accounting Research, 287 – 299. New York, NY: Routledge.

Hazera, A., Quirvan, C., & Triki, A. (2017).  Too Big to Fail and Bank Loan Accounting in Developing Nations: Evidence from the Mexican Financial Crisis.   Research in Accounting Regulation, 29, 109-118.

Triki, A. & Arnold, V. (2016). Getting Caught Sugar Coating: The Behavioral Implications of Using a Decision Aid That Detects Linguistic Manipulations in Financial Disclosures. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting, 13(2), 169-184.  

Triki, A., Cook, G. L., & Bay, D. (2015). Machiavellianism, Moral Orientation, Social Desirability Response Bias, and Anti-intellectualism: A Profile of Canadian Accountants. Journal of Business Ethics, 1-13.

Triki, A., Arnold, V., & Sutton, S. G. (2015). Too Good to be True! The Bifurcated Effect of Strong Tone in Management Disclosures on Investors’ Decisions.Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research, 1-31.

Triki, A., and Weisner, M. M. (2015). Lessons from the Literature on the Theory of Technology Dominance: Possibilities for an Extended Research Framework. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting, 11 (1), 41-69.

Triki, A., Nicholls, S., Wegener, M., Bay, D., & Cook, G. L. (2012). Anti-Intellectualism, Tolerance for Ambiguity and Locus of Control: Impact on Performance in Accounting Education. Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations, 87-107.