Gilberto Marquez Illescas

  • Assistant Professor
  • Accounting
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  • Office Location: 317, Ballentine


Gilberto Marquez-Illescas is an assistant professor of accounting in the College of Business at the University of Rhode Island. He received his Ph.D. in Business and
Quantitative Methods from Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain. His main area of research is the voluntary disclosure of financial and non-financial information. Dr. Marquez-Illescas has presented his work in several international conferences in Europe and the United States. His research has been published in reputable peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Business Research and Journal of Business Ethics. Dr. Marquez-Illescas has worked as financial & accounting analyst in both, government agencies and multinational firms.

At URI, Dr. Marquez-Illescas teaches Managerial Accounting and Cost Accounting. Prior to joining URI, he taught at Clarkson University, a private, national research university located in upstate New York.


Voluntary Disclosure, Cost Accounting, Tone of Financial Disclosures, Behavioral Accounting, Ethics.


Ph.D. in Business and Quantitative Methods, Carlos III University, Madrid, Spain, 2014

M.Sc. in Business and Quantitative Methods, Carlos III University, Madrid, Spain, 2010

M.Sc. in Financial Analysis, Carlos III University, Madrid, Spain, 2005

B.Sc. In Economics, Universidad de las Americas-Puebla, Puebla, Mexico, 2007

Selected Publications

Cano-Rodríguez, M., Márquez-Illescas, G., & Núñez-Níckel, M. (2017). Experts or rivals: Mimicry and voluntary disclosure. Journal of Business Research73, 46-54.

Marquez-Illescas, G., Zebedee, A. A., & Zhou, L. (2019). Hear me write: does CEO narcissism affect disclosure?Journal of business ethics159, 401-417.

Gago-Rodríguez, S., Márquez-Illescas, G., & Núñez-Nickel, M. (2020). Denial of corruption: Voluntary disclosure of bribery information. Journal of business ethics162, 609-626.

Gago Rodríguez, S., Guo, B., Marquez Illescas, G., & Núñez Nickel, M. (2020). Causal ambiguity: shape-flip between product market competition at industry level and voluntary disclosureAccounting and Business Research50(6), 574-607.

Gago-Rodríguez, S., Márquez-Illescas, G., & Núñez-Nickel, M. (2021). Bargaining power as moderator of the “delay costs effect” in supply chain negotiationsManagement Accounting Research51, 100737.

Marquez-Illescas, G., & Zhou, L. (2023). CEO Narcissism and Properties of Analysts’ Forecasts. Accounting Horizons37(3), 221-241.

Zaher, H. F., & MarquezIllescas, G. (2024). CEO narcissism and firm’s cash conversion cycle: The moderating role of CEO’s genderAccounting & Finance64(1), 783-810. 

Zaher, H. F., & Marquez-Illescas, G. (2024). Power in the supply chain: a state-of-the-art literature review and propositions from the perspective of gender differences. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing

Madrazo-Lemarroy, P., Márquez-Illescas, G., & Moya-Ponce, C. (2024). Cognitive wealth and fintech startup formation: an entrepreneurial absorptive capacity analysis in well-regulated environmentsJournal of International Entrepreneurship, 1-44.