Jessica Strübel

  • Associate Professor
  • Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design
  • Phone: 401.874.5481
  • Email:
  • Office Location: Ballentine 204


Jessica’s research interests stem from her collective interest in bio-cultural/medical anthropology and psychology. She is particularly interested in the psychological processes that culminate in realizing appearance behavior needs and understanding how material culture acquires value and meaning for consumers.

Her research in psychology examines appearance management and comorbid psychopathologies, and explores of how health and culture are interrelated, specifically through cross-cultural examinations of body image disorders, self-perception, and related consumer behaviors.

  • Consumer psychology
  • Socio-cultural identity, brand identity, and consumer behavior 
  • Social media and consumer behavior 
  • Body image and appearance management
  • 3D body scanning technology, self-perception, and clinical implications 
  • Health and consumer decision making
  • Men’s health and consumer experiences
  • Minority genders and consumer behavior
  • Positive psychology and sustainable consumerism 

Her qualitative inquiry of British and American popular culture examines marginalized and/or deviant subcultures.  She is particularly interested in subcultural membership as a means for fulfilling psychological needs, socialization, resistance to class structure, and resultant consumptive practices.

Jessica is a member and area chair for the National Popular Culture Association and serves as the review’s editor for the international journal, Fashion, Style, and Popular Culture.  She is also a member of the American Psychological Association.


Ph.D., Consumer Studies and Social Psychology, 2007

M.A., Anthropology (Concentration: Bio-Cultural Anthropology), 1999

B.A., Anthropology and Spanish (minor: French), 1997

Selected Publications

  • Strübel, J., (2023). The Most Swipeable You: Experiences and Self-Perception of Tinder Users. The Journal of American Culture.
  • Strübel, J., and Petrie, T. (2022). Tinder use, gender, and the psychological functioning of young adults. The Journal of Social Media in Society, 11 (2), 159-177.
  • Jones, D. Strübel, J. & Kim, J.  (2022). ‘I just want a shirt that will fit me!’: An Inductive approach to understanding transgender consumers’ shopping experiences. Fashion, Style and Popular Culture
  • Strubel, J. & Goswami, S. (2022).  Clothing and Self Concept in Cisgender and Transgender MenGender Issues
  • Strübel, J., and Sklar, M. (2022). Fred Perry: Polos for all. Studies in Symbolic Interaction, 54, 73-89 /10.1108/S0163-239620220000054005 
  • Strübel, J, Leger, R., & Guan X. (2022). Appearance and performance enhancing drug usage and body image across three age cohorts of fitness enthusiast men. Journal of Men’s Health, 18(2), 051.
  • Strübel, J., Sabik, N., & Tylka, T. (2020). Body image and depressive symptoms among transgender and cisgender adults: Examining a model integrating the tripartite influence model and objectification Theory. Body Image, 35, 53-62.
  • Sklar, M., Strübel, J., & Haenfler, R. (2020). Sold out or bought in? Complexities of the X Swatch as subcultural accessory for the straight edge scene. Fashion, Style and Popular Culture. 7.2-3, 1-22.
  • Strübel, J., and Petrie, T. (2020). Sexual orientation, eating disorder classification, and men’s psychological well-being.  Psychology of Men & Masculinities, 21(2), 190-200
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  • Kinley, T., & Strübel, J., Amlani, A. (2019). Impression Formation of Male and Female Millennial Students Wearing Eye Glasses or Hearing Aids. Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, 43(3), 357-379. 
  • Strübel, J., Petrie, T., & Pookulangara, S. (2018). “Like” me: Shopping, self-display, body image and social networking sites. Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 7(3). 328-344.
  • Strübel, J. & Petrie, T. (2018). Perfect bodies: The relation of gay men’s body image to their consumer behaviors. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 22(1), 114-128.
  • Strübel, J. & Jones, D. (2017) Painted bodies: Reclaiming the body through tattoos. Journal of Popular Culture, 50(6), 1230-1253.
  • Strübel, J., & Petrie, T. A. (2017). Love me Tinder: Body image and psychosocial functioning among men and women. Body Image21, 34-38.



Courses Taught

  • TMD 224: Culture, Dress and Appearance 
  • TMD 424: Fashion Theory & Analysis
  • TMD 524: Cultural Aspects of Dress
  • TMD 511: Survey of Research Design & Methods in Textiles
  • DBA 615: Qualitative Research Methods I
  • DBA 621: Qualitative Research Methods II