Xiaowei Xu

  • Associate Professor, Area Coordinator
  • Finance
  • Phone: 401.874.5489
  • Email: xiaowei@uri.edu
  • Office Location: 310, Ballentine


Xiaowei Xu joined the University of Rhode Island in fall 2016. She received her Ph.D. in finance from University of Alberta, Canada, in 2014. Her research interest mainly focuses on CEO human capital, corporate governance and insider trading. Her works have appeared in academic journals such as the Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Corporate Finance and the Financial Review. She has taught corporate finance classes at undergraduate, M.B.A. and Ph.D. level.


Ph.D., Finance, University of Alberta
B.Com., Finance, University of Alberta

Selected Publications

“Does Investment Banker Human Capital Matter in Acquisitions? Evidence from China”, with Bingxuan Lin, Liuyang Ren, and Liangyong Wan. Journal of Corporate Finance. 2021.

“CSR and Pro-Social Conduct in US Communities: A Study of Social Distancing During the Covid-19 Pandemic”, with Isabelle Le Breton-Miller, Danny Miller and Zhenyang Tang. Journal of Business Ethics. 2021.

“Religion, Risk Aversion, and Merger Premiums: A cross-border Study”, with Min Maung, Zhenyang Tang and Craig Wilson. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 2021, 70,101262.

“The Role of Institutional Investors in Post-Earnings Announcement Drift: Evidence from China”, with Guilong Cai, Bingxuan Lin and Minghai Wei. Accounting and Business Research,2021,51(2), 206-236.

“Return Synchronicity and Insider Trading Profitability”, with Claire Liang and Zhenyang Tang. International Review of Finance, 2020, 20(4), 857-895.

“Religion and Venture Investing: A Cross-Country Analysis”, with Min Maung and Zhenyang Tang. The Financial Review, 2020, 55(3), 433-460.

“CEO Long-Term Orientation and Elite University Education”, with Danny Miller. Strategic Organization, 2020, 18(4), 520-546.

“Value-Enhancing Social Responsibility: Market Reaction to Donations by Family vs. Non-Family Firms with Religious CEOs”, with Min Maung, Danny Miller and Zhenyang Tang. Journal of Business Ethics, 2020, 163, 745–758.

“The Effect of Short Sale Constraints on Analyst Forecast Quality: Evidence from A Natural Experiment in China”, with Li Hao, Zhisheng Li and Bingxuan Lin. Economic Modelling, 2019, 81, 338-347.

“Uncertainty, Momentum, and Profitability”, with Claire Liang and Zhenyang Tang. Journal of Portfolio Management, 2019, 45(4) 91-104.

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“When is Human Capital a True Resource? The Performance Effects of an Ivy League Education among Celebrated CEOs”, with Danny Miller and Vikas Mehrotra. Strategic Management Journal, 2015, 36(6), 930-944. 

Media Mentions

Studies show CEOs with MBAs more likely to fail, The Globe and Mail, Mar 2017.
MBAs are more self-serving than other CEOs, Harvard Business Review, December, 2016.
Among star CEOs, those with MBAs tend to be more self-serving, Washington Post, October, 2015