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Career day presentation

The College of Business annual Career Day is a much anticipated tradition at URI. The day provides a tremendous opportunity for business students to convene with alumni and corporate partners to learn about different career paths, understand what you can do with your major, hiring tips, and the current employment climate. The day also provides time for networking and skills-based exercises, like mock-interviews and resume review, and a career fair.

Below is a compilation of our past speakers. To view many of the videos from these talks, visit our learning library.

Past Speakers


Major Panels

Accounting: Lauren Amaral, Edmond Gilbert, Shinbey Vue & Tod Short
Management: Marianne Gattinella, Sanford Friedman & John Conforti
International Business: Jamie Bourassa, Claudia Krah & Michael Weinstein
Entrepreneurship: Mary Gervais, Tuni Schartner, David Sklarski & Jeff Wilhelm
Marketing: Ian Harney, Sixcia Devine, Michael Kurze & Mariel Saccucci
Finance : Will Martell, Rachel Jacobs, John Tunison & Christopher Vasoli
Supply Chain Management : Jay Lau, Sean Wright & Allison Suriani
Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Session: Cate Seman, David Dubinsky & Zachary Aprea
General Business: Steven Silverman, Nancy Ferrara & Neil McNulty
Textiles, Merchandising & Design: Andrew Weisbrot, Nina Perry & Joseph Rotondo

Leveraging Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace and for your Career: Crystal Islam, Sixcia Devine & Emerson Foster
The Benefits of Joining Professional Groups: Steven Fiedler, Marianne Gattinella, Brian Miley & Jeffery Troy
Organizations share their virtual interview process: Lauren Amaral, Alex Couture &, Jennifer Martino
How Covid-19 has affected the way organizations operate: Eileen Edwards, Rob Kubica & Jay Lau
Career Fair Prep: Monica Ferreira, Richard Minot & Holly Tomlinson
Clubs & Organizations: Claudia Krah, Ian Harney, Zachary Aprea & Austin Vutech
Tips for Applying to Graduate School: Nancy Ferrara, Robert Tamburro, Lucy Moyes & Dan Cohen
Negotiating Salary: Michele Gagnon, John Conforti & Christopher Vasoli
Speed Networking: Tips and Tricks: Kayla Cramer, Andy Arruda, Sanford Friedman, Ray Mathieu, Mary Gervais, Jamison Miller, Tuni Schartner, Matt Longo & Jamie Bourassa
Selling Yourself: How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview: Sheila Felice, Steve Silverman & Matt Sacks

Keynote: So, you want to be President? Monica Garnes’94, President, Fry’s Food Stores

Career Panels
Careers in Accounting: Lauren Amaral, Lisa Ferraro and Brian Miley
Careers in Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Tony BotelhoBrett Chrisholm, and Jeff Wilhelm
Careers in Finance: Matt Sacks, Peter Miniati and Keith Moore
Careers in General Business: Mark Farris, Andy Arruda and Lillia Wild
Careers in International Business: Callie Carchedi, Jamie Bourassa and Hassan Gangji
Careers in Marketing: Michael Weinstein and Jason Mundy
Careers in Supply Chain: Tom Andrellos, Christopher Carchia and David Carnevalle
Careers in Textile, Fashion Merchandising and Design & Textile Marketing: Bryce Reels, Max Brickle and Susan Lake
Careers in Management: John Conforti, Dan Lowney and Kevin Gordon

Industry Panel Discussions
Business of Buying & Merchandising: Cate Seman, Maria Barraza and Elizabeth Morlani
Business of Communication & Social Media: Byrce Reels, Shelby Olivier and Sue Moore
Business of Health & Wellness: Christopher Cote andMark Farris
Business of Investment & Retirement: Deborah Imondi, Elizabeth Demers and Josh Howland
Business of Lean Management:Greg Ventura, Rob Kubica and James Brandtjen
Business of Hiring: Ryan Graham, Caroline Petrucci and Lisa Seidel
Business of Creativity and Innovation: Keith Burnstein, Andy Arruda and Jeff Wilhelm
Business of Technology: John Conforti, Ray Stokes and Jamie Bourassa
Business of Consulting: Bob Tamburo, Michael Tikoian and Mark Goulart