People, Work, and Organizations

As the future of work and work organizations continues to evolve, our understanding of people, processes, and systems must also evolve.

Faculty research at the URI College of Business not only keeps up with the pace of change in the workplace, but also actively shapes organizational behavior and employment relations policies and practices.

Our faculty advance knowledge about people, work, and organizational issues from a broad range of intellectual traditions and disciplinary backgrounds, including psychology, strategy, organizational behavior, sustainability, industrial relations, human resources, education, and management.

Scholarship published by URI College of Business faculty have appeared in many top peer-reviewed journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Research Methods, British Journal of Industrial Relations, and Organization Studies, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, among many others.

Featured Faculty Research

Creed, W. E. Douglas, Bryant A. Hudson, Gerardo A. Okhuysen, and Kristin Smith-Crowe. 2022. “A Place in the World: Vulnerability, Well-Being, and the Ubiquitous Evaluation That Animates Participation in Institutional Processes.” Academy of Management Review 47 (3): 358–81.

DeJordy, Rich, Maureen Scully, Marc J. Ventresca, and W. E. Douglas Creed. 2020. “Inhabited Ecosystems: Propelling Transformative Social Change Between and Through Organizations.” Administrative Science Quarterly, February, 000183921989961.

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