(Un)Sustainability and Organization Studies: Towards a Radical Engagement

Seray Ergene, Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Rhode Island College of Business, and colleagues present a research essay tracing the evolution of sustainability in management and organization studies in the publication, Organization Studies.

This conceptual paper traces the epistemological evolution of the natural environment research in management and organization studies and argues that the field’s current business case trajectory is not adequate to address the large scale socio-ecological concerns. To trigger change towards a more radical scholarship, the authors propose a new research agenda that transforms the field’s paradigmatic orientation in 4 shifts: (1) altering our epistemological lenses from managerial to critical perspectives; (2) altering our ontological lenses from realist to relational view; (3) changing the way we design and conduct research from discipline-focused to interdisciplinary knowledge; and (4) transforming our scholarly stance from value-neutral to engaged scholarship.

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