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Include non-credit internship experience on your transcript!

You can now get recognized for your internship experience on your official college transcript!


  • This non-credit course allows you to officially document non-credit internships and/or volunteer experiences on your transcript
  • No grade will be given
  • Tuition and fees will not be assessed
  • As a non-credit course, it will not count toward classes required for your degree program

Enrollment Requirements

  • Permission number required through the Experiential Education Coordinator
  • Completion of enrolment questionnaire, which include internship details
  • Final student and supervisory survey confirming completion of experience
  • Minimum of 40 hours must be completed over the course of the semester
  • Enrollment will follow academic class registration and there will be no late adding

*Although this is a zero-credit course without a seminar, as a URI COB student, you continue to have access to career and professional support through the College of Business Career staff. Utilization of these resources and mentor will only enhance your experiential learning and professional development.

To learn more, contact Lynne Finnegan, Coordinator, Experiential Education to make an appointment.